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A leader emerges … could this be Europe’s Donald Trump?

I’ve been saying for some time that we need an equivalent leader to Donald Trump here in Europe, and I think now that the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban may be the one who’s emerging. Great crises do force great leaders to emerge – and sometimes only a great crisis will do it. Orban won’t be perfect, and neither is Trump. But we’re not looking for a Messiah – we’re looking for one who’s prepared to engage with what none of our polticians are prepared to engage with so far. Turkey is blackmailing all our leaders – probably over allegations of paedophilia in high places – and that’s partly why they’ve been rendered so impotent in dealing with the mass migration crisis. The other part of the problem is that the UN is now becoming increasingly dominated by Cuba and the more than 100 countries it has in its pocket, which is using UN Agenda 21-based psychological warfare and weaponised migration to destroy Western civilisation, via the UNHCR. Continue reading

The truth about how the ‘refugee crisis’ was rigged from start to finish


I show in this article how the ‘refugee crisis’ has been rigged, from start to finish, in a kind of multi-pincer movement which is using mass theatre and false social science to create a delusion in the minds of the masses. It’s a complex web that has been weaved; so I’ve broken it down to its simplest components with links for those who want to drill down deeper. Continue reading