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Looney Tunes World – courtesy of the Left

In my latest book, Stories in the Stars, I break down and reinterpret the original Tuscan folktale from which Disney took his inspiration for his classic animated movie of Pinocchio. In this much older story, Pinocchio (meaning “pine-eye” or pineal gland) goes through many adventures and each one matches the trials or labours of the zodiac hero of ancient myths. One of these challenges, at Libra, finds the wooden puppet brought before the court and then clapped in jail, for the crime of having his five golden coins stolen. Utter madness, you might think, and “what a topsy-turvy world!” to penalise the victim of the crime rather than the perpetrator. Well, I agree. But it is exactly the sort of world we’ll all be living in shortly if the Left are allowed to prevail.


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Listen: The real spiritual power behind Brexit and Trump – making Trump the Man of the Age

In his speech to Congress on Tuesday, Trump was talking about how his movement evolved and he said: “Then, in 2016, the Earth shifted beneath our feet.”

Why did Trump choose that specific metaphor? Does he know that the spirit of Sovereignty rose from the land?
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Trump’s first ten glorious days!

The last ten days have been extraordinarily wonderful and exhilarating for us Sovereigns because, for the first time in our lives, the leader of the Western World is a brilliant strategist who speaks the truth, doesn’t take any prisoners, fires those who won’t support him and works 20 hours a day doing what he said that he was going to do for us, the people, on the campaign trail to restore Sovereignty. Continue reading

George Soros, the Alt Right and the march of the nasty killer Nazi zombies

Much as I find it amusing to be called a Nazi, or far right, or a white supremacist, or a racist, or a xenophobe, or a homophobe, or an Islamophobe, or anti-semitic – as it is so far from the truth – I don’t find it so amusing when the press tries to smear Donald Trump with the same pig manure, as they are currently.

It’s ironic, because the only player in the Charlottesville theatre that has any history of collaboration with the Nazis is the funder of Antifa, George Soros, and he describes those days in which he sold out his own people to the SS as “the happiest in my life”. Continue reading

Natural Selection and the Purple Revolution

There used to be a saying: “Make Love Not War”. But I think it has outlived its usefulness – well, certainly in the current political climate – and it needs to be turned on its head.

It’s a fact of Nature that unless a man is prepared to defend the nest, the eggs dry up. It isn’t that your woman is being picky, contrary or moody – although she may be also all of those. But she’s really just obeying Mother Nature when she doesn’t want to have a sex with her man because, in a time of danger, he’s showing no inclination to fight for her, for their children and for their way of life. If this offends your liberal sensitivities, please don’t blame me. I don’t make up the rules. I’m just letting you know about them. The rules have worked this way for about half a billion years – since the Cambrian Explosion. And no amount of social conditioning will change them.

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The Bonfire of the Vanities of the American Election

Of course, it doesn’t matter which one you vote for because they’re both exactly the same – the same puppets of the same globalists, who just want you to believe that you’re being given a choice.

So I suppose the fact that the Hillary camp is spending an eye-watering amount of dollars on rigging the polls, rigging the mainstream media and now as we hear, rigging the voting machines, is just a fiendishly clever part of that deception? I expect they just want to make the psy-ops really realistic. Right? Continue reading

Why it DOES matter who you vote into the White House, for the first time in 40-plus years

<rant alert!>

I’m sick and tired of hearing things from uptight, short-sighted, narrow minded hypocrites. I’m sick and tired of hearing that it doesn’t matter who you vote for in the American election, because the outcome will be the same.

The only people saying this are those who cannot be arsed to engage with what each candidate is actually saying. If they did, they’d know that it does matter who you vote for. For the first – and maybe the last – time in 40-plus years of bipartisan treason, there is going to be a choice.

I wouldn’t mind – but I’ve been talking about the Deep State government for years, and the puppets of right and left, and being called a conspiracy theorist for it. Now it seems that everyone and his mother has become a conspiracy theorist – but they’ve joined the dance just as the steps have changed.

You have to pay attention!

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Sovereignty: Who are the Sovereigns and why do the globalists fear them?

Yesterday, I listened to a British television ‘reporter’ telling me, absolutely straight-faced and with a tone reflecting the deepest sincerity, that Donald Trump is considering resigning from the Presidential race through lack of support. It was so far from the truth that I burst out laughing. Trump’s message of Sovereignty is so resonating with the American public that he is filling huge stadia, the size of aircraft hangers, daily, with thousands more queuing round the block, unable to get in …

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So it’s war then! The globalists declare war on the masses

The Empire strikes back!

This week in Foreign Policy Magazine for the Council on Foreign Relations,  James Traub urged the globalists to strike back against those nations that put their sovereignty and their right to self-determination above globalist interests. And he oozes contempt for those he refers to as “mindlessly angry, ignorant masses”, “fist-shakers” and “know nothing” voters.

Traub goes on to argue that establishment political parties in major western countries must “combine forces to keep out the nationalists”.

This is not just a disappointed Remainer sounding off; it was published in the main organ of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). At the very least, it’s kite flying, to see if they can build up a groundswell reaction among its uber-rich and powerful readers.

But does this article really matter? And can they really stop what is becoming a real, fast-growing grassroots movement of peoples across America and Europe?

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The Key to the Isles of the Strong Door

I wrote a small verse yesterday and then created this internet meme with it, which you’re very welcome to share if it sings to your heart.

It features the famous white cliffs of Dover and the 11th century Dover Castle, which, because of its strategic importance, has been called the Key to Britain. The white cliffs of Dover remind me of the Mabinogion stories about the head of the giant Bran, which was buried facing across the Channel, to protect the Isles of the Strong Door. Continue reading

How to claim back our Sovereignty

Sovereignty, in the material realm, amounts to the empowerment that invigorates us when we’re living on the lands of our ancestors – eating the foods that grow where our ancestors were buried, and drinking the waters that flow through their burial grounds.

This grounds us and roots us; it makes us strong by connecting us to the wisdom found in our DNA. This is the real reason why the globalists move indigenous peoples off their lands. It’s not just for the mining or logging or fracking; these are merely profitable side benefits. It’s also why they’re attacking our DNA through genetic modification of foods, which will come flooding into European shops with the ratification of the secret trade treaty, TTIP. Continue reading

From Brussels attacks to Birmingham attacks – how long?

How long before the jihadis’ attacks happening in Europe start up in Birmingham or Leicester or Bradford? Not very long, I’d say, because both today’s attacks in Brussels and the Paris massacre in November came from the enemy being nurtured on the breast within – the Islamic jihadi migrants. And thousands of them are being nurtured here in the UK too, with their mosques funded by extremist Wahabi Muslims in Saudi Arabia.

ISIS may claim to be behind these attacks – but that’s because they’re coming from sleeper cells already in situ. The Barbarian is not at the gate – it’s already here. It’s not that ISIS has to command and control its operatives remotely from Libya or Syria, because the commanders are already living among us … and just leaving the EU, at the referendum in June, won’t in itself change that. Continue reading

It’s time to cut the strings of the puppeteers – the Council on Foreign Relations

If you learn only four new words today, learn these, because it will help to explain what might have been previously a mystery to you:

The Council on Foreign Relations – or CFR.

Once you understand who the CFR is, the whole of their finely woven web of cognitive dissonance begins to dissolve, and major geo-political events on the world stage that didn’t make sense before, suddenly do. Continue reading

Why is Trump trumping the field? The Brits just don’t get it …

Anyone in Britain who’s surprised by what is turning out to be the inexorable rise of Donald Trump in the American Republican primaries is just not paying attention. They’re not awake to the shake-down of America by the present incumbents in the White House; to the worm of Obama which is spreading a deadly canker into the wellbeing of the nation state. Therefore they had no idea that an antidote was required – much less recognise one in Trump. They don’t realise that what they’re seeing is what happens when the people wake up to 40-odd years of bipartisan treason. Continue reading