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It’s time to cut the strings of the puppeteers – the Council on Foreign Relations

If you learn only four new words today, learn these, because it will help to explain what might have been previously a mystery to you:

The Council on Foreign Relations – or CFR.

Once you understand who the CFR is, the whole of their finely woven web of cognitive dissonance begins to dissolve, and major geo-political events on the world stage that didn’t make sense before, suddenly do. Continue reading

The Dark Moon Goddess and the Enchantment of Bilderberg

This time last year, I wrote about Chris Street’s work in exposing the huge animal giant earthworks that surround London, the Lion and the Unicorn. I concentrated on the solar Lion because the land which he stands guardian over was where the Olympics were about to take place, and the river named after him runs into the Olympic Park. (For more on that, see The Enchantment of the Olympics).

Now that Bilderberg is well upon us, I want to concentrate on the Unicorn, because this is the other side of the enchantment; the yin to the yang. As we now go into the three days of the dark moon, it appears that the influence of the moon goddess is being petitioned and employed to protect the site of the Bilderberg conference. Continue reading