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In Stories in the Stars, you will learn that ancient myths are like Trojan horses in that they carry our ancestors’ voices with spiritual messages that they buried in astrological and alchemical metaphors. Over thousands of years, these orally-transmitted wisdom stories have been twisted and bastardised into fake histories in order to serve various and changing political imperatives.

However, our ancestors were wise enough to draw these myths out in the stars, because while political mindsets will ever dictate the ebb and flow of the tides of man on the world stage, the stars are always with us.

Once I have shown you how easy it is to decode these stories, so that they are able to “speak to you” in your own life, you will be able to understand better the ancient path that been trodden for countless millennia towards spiritual enlightenment, and you will feel bolstered and heartened as you go forwards along your own way.

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In Stories in the Summerlands, you will get a shaman’s insight into the hidden treasures buried in an enchanted enclosure of hills and vales in Somerset, England known as Avalon.

As I guide you along a pilgrimage into the secret places of this esoteric landscape, I will show you the real site of Arthur’s grave, and the location of the recipe for the Philosopher’s Stone, which John Dee told his patrons he’d found in Glastonbury. I will also teach you the metaphorical meanings of the stories about Jesus and his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea who, as Blake’s poem told us, “walked upon England’s mountains green.”

You don’t have to come to Avalon to enjoy this book: once you start reading, Avalon will come to you, wherever you are in the world. And it will give you a deeper understanding about how the story of your spiritual evolution is told in the stars and then impregnated into the land itself, to remind you of your destiny.

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The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar shows how shamanic sex has been used, throughout history, as an alchemical catalyst to fruit superior intelligence and self empowerment that is a direct result of interacting with beings which inhabit a parallel universe to this one – another dimension – from whom man has traditionally gained his knowledge about his place and purpose on Earth and in the cosmos.

In ancient times, the ability to tap into this superior wisdom through sex magic was transmitted to kings and pharaohs by one who was in touch with these extra-dimensional beings or lifeforms, who are also known as the spirits. On the night of his cornonation, under a Full Moon, the newly-crowned ruler would lie with a cuen, which is the Anglo-Saxon source of the word “queen”.

In The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar, I show the literary, artistic and historical evidence for this practice of rulers, and then lays out the way for the spiritual seeker to learn how to visit these other dimensions where they will be taught the practice of sacred sex magic from their own spirit guides.

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The Bright World of the Gods is a real faery story for enlightened adults that comes from a benevolent Elder race whose role it is to guide the steps of humanity. As such, it is perfect for curling up with by the fire when the white frost of the Sugar Plum Faery is crackling the grass underfoot, or to inspire dreaming on balmier days, under a gnarled old apple tree in an enchanted wood.

In this romantic magical mystery tour, you will follow Bridie and Gwyn ap Nudd as they meet the challenges necessary for alchemical inner growth that leads to full spiritual realisation. Their adventures are peopled with archetypal characters that have stepped straight out of Celtic myths such as Manawydan, Gwyddion, Creiddylad, Taliesen, Elen and Morgan the Fae.

You may just want to enjoy this epic tale on a superficial level as a beautiful love story that is full of intriguing escapades and interesting ideas. But those looking for keys to faery doorways into deeper cosmological teachings will also find them here along with the instructions on how to unlock them.

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The Grail Mysteries is a sequel to The Bright World of the Gods, although you don’t have to read that to enjoy this one! But it charts the continuation of the love story between Arawn, the Lord of the Underworld, and Elen, the Upper World spirit, who have both taken human form on Earth.

We also join Myrddin (Merlin), Taliesin, Manawydan, Creiddylad, Gwyddion, Arianrhod and the eight dwarves in their quest to bury the Thirteen Treasures of Britain. All this, despite the best efforts of the Eye of Soros, Bricriu of the Poison Tongue and Vlak the Dragon Slayer, who are furiously trying to steal the Sovereignty of the Isles of the Blessed.

In The Grail Mysteries, you will benefit personally from the Virgo Teachings that are received by a prostitute Igraine, who is living in post-Roman Glastonbury, and whose late middle-age is utterly transformed when she discovers that she comes from a long line of sacred cuens and is thus a true queen of the Blessed Isles.

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