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Looney Tunes World – courtesy of the Left

In my latest book, Stories in the Stars, I break down and reinterpret the original Tuscan folktale from which Disney took his inspiration for his classic animated movie of Pinocchio. In this much older story, Pinocchio (meaning “pine-eye” or pineal gland) goes through many adventures and each one matches the trials or labours of the zodiac hero of ancient myths. One of these challenges, at Libra, finds the wooden puppet brought before the court and then clapped in jail, for the crime of having his five golden coins stolen. Utter madness, you might think, and “what a topsy-turvy world!” to penalise the victim of the crime rather than the perpetrator. Well, I agree. But it is exactly the sort of world we’ll all be living in shortly if the Left are allowed to prevail.


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The Deluge and the Deep State



In putting together my chapter on the symbolic meaning of numbers in ancient myths for the new book, I was going to include this in the section on the number 17, but then changed my mind as I want Stories in the Stars to have a sort of timeless quality and not be pinned to current events. So I decided to share it with you here instead, because if you are one of my readers, you will likely have a more zoomed-out view of the psychological warfare currently being conducted against us by the Deep State and have noticed their use of the number 17 as a signal to each other that certain staged events – like false flag attacks which are often carried out on the 17th of the month – have been orchestrated to socially engineer the thinking of the masses.

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Weather shamans at sea, 700,000 years ago

There has always been an approved narrative within academia regarding the origins of the human race, and papers about any finds by archaeologists which weaken that narrative usually get savaged while going through peer review and thus never get published.

In fact, the palaeontological record is so sparse that academics extrapolate a lot from a very little in order to make up stories and canards that are designed to satisfy our curiosity which, at the same time, have the effect of stopping us searching any further, believing it’s a done deal.

A recent article in various approved science magazines (like this one) have been reporting, for the first time, this week, that there is evidence of human activity 700,000 years ago in the Philippines. They haven’t found human bones as such. They’re assuming that butchered rhino bones show evidence of ancient hominins, which is what they call more archaic humans, such as Homo Erectus, and not modern humans like us who, the academic narrative has decided, did not appear until about 40,000 years ago. Continue reading

Letters to the CIA – 15th April 2018

I have just set up a new blog, Letters to the CIA, which is inspired by C S Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters, in which he published his correspondence with the Devil. Here’s the first one:

Guys, I’m most terribly sorry that I didn’t post yesterday and also that my phone had turned itself off. You must have been worried out of your minds, wondering what I was up to!

The truth is, with all the lovely spring weather, I did rather overdo it in the garden on Friday and so yesterday my back was complaining every time I sat down to type.

Otherwise, I’m fine and thriving and the new book, Stories in the Stars, is going well – incredibly well, in fact. I’m getting so much inspiration in writing it that sometimes it seems like there is a ton of information raining down on me, at times almost more than I can handle, but I’m sure you know what that’s like.

Anyway, I have a nice surprise for you! You may have heard of a very good book called The Screwtape Letters by C S Lewis? It is in effect a collation of letters that he wrote to the Devil. So taking my inspiration from that, I have decided to write to you, regularly, to liven up your work because I’m sure it must be dreadfully boring having to stare at people’s cats and dinners all day long.

Like Lewis and the Devil, I can also give you updates on how you’re doing with your psy-ops campaigns in trying to persuade us that right is wrong, and wrong is right. That Flat Earth “theory”, by the way, was a humdinger and I still pass people on Glastonbury High Street arguing that one through. In fact, I think you’ve done brilliantly in giving us so many things to disagree with each other about while pricking people’s vanities so that they end up seeing themselves as authorities in subject areas that they know absolutely nothing about. So well done with all that!

I know you may be feeling a little vulnerable right now with Zuckerberg getting a good grilling from that Congress committee, last week, but please don’t worry. All of those interrogating him had had their palms thickly greased and it was really just a show trial to try to make people believe that something is being done. Of course, nothing will be done … well, not right now anyway, but there are a few storm clouds on the horizon because President Trump is going to change how the whole internet is regulated and I’m afraid it will put a stop to your favourite sport of censoring conservatives.

However, that’s all a long way in the future, so for now, please do enjoy your Sunday and I’ll write again soon.

All best wishes,


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Reclaiming Sovereignty – what it means to a shaman

As a shaman, I work alongside the spirits that govern the land of our ancestors; they are the spirits of Sovereignty that, on the energetic level, is a huge force that gushes forth from the Rivers of Blood or the DNA of the ancestors that are buried in the land. It reaches the emotional intelligence of the people through the portals of these spiritual conduits, an Elder race whose role it is to guide the spiritual evolution of human beings. They are known in the British Isles as the Fae, the Gentry, the Sidhe or the Faeries. Other cultures have their own names for these spirits that appear to inhabit the betwixt and between – like the aesir of the Norse and the devas of the Vedics.

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Life on Mars – pushing back against the Transhuman Agenda

It seems that we’re about to enter some extremely interesting times because the world powers are rearranging themselves, according to Alex Jones and Zach who are close to the thinking of the White House.

Elon Musk’s launch of the Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket to be shot into space since the Moon shuttles, signalled the beginning of the Age of the Human. It carried a red Tesla car with a human mannequin “driving it” and a David Bowie track, Life on Mars, playing on a loop. Highly symbolic.

The Falcon, who hunts by day, was sending a message to the night-hunting Moloch Owls of Bohemian Grove, in other words, those in recent decades who’ve created enormous black holes in the Pentagon budget in order to bring in a world ruled by a super-intelligent computer. Their aim was to develop technology that would make man more bionic, like a cyborg or a robot. It was known as the Transhuman Agenda.

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No, it wasn’t the Russians, Mrs May: it was the so-called liberals

The main driver of Brexit was the desire to get our hands back on the controls of the nation, which had been gradually handed over to the EU since the early 1970s. Mrs May and Co know this. But with the Russia narrative failing in the United States and, in fact, mirroring dangerously back on Trump’s accusers, the government here is now all hands-to-the-pump in a desperate bid to prevent the defeat of the globalist One World Order.

So we’re being told that the referendum outcome was influenced by 416 tweets from “Russian bots”. Even if it were true, 416 tweets constitutes a mere nano-drop in the social media ocean for what you’d need to change hearts and minds on any scale.

But if it wasn’t the Russians, why did the British turn out in droves to vote for Brexit on 23rd June 2016?

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