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Reclaiming Sovereignty – what it means to a shaman

As a shaman, I work alongside the spirits that govern the land of our ancestors; they are the spirits of Sovereignty that, on the energetic level, is a huge force that gushes forth from the Rivers of Blood or the DNA of the ancestors that are buried in the land. It reaches the emotional intelligence of the people through the portals of these spiritual conduits, an Elder race whose role it is to guide the spiritual evolution of human beings. They are known in the British Isles as the Fae, the Gentry, the Sidhe or the Faeries. Other cultures have their own names for these spirits that appear to inhabit the betwixt and between – like the aesir of the Norse and the devas of the Vedics.

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Life on Mars – pushing back against the Transhuman Agenda

It seems that we’re about to enter some extremely interesting times because the world powers are rearranging themselves, according to Alex Jones and Zach who are close to the thinking of the White House.

Elon Musk’s launch of the Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket to be shot into space since the Moon shuttles, signalled the beginning of the Age of the Human. It carried a red Tesla car with a human mannequin “driving it” and a David Bowie track, Life on Mars, playing on a loop. Highly symbolic.

The Falcon, who hunts by day, was sending a message to the night-hunting Moloch Owls of Bohemian Grove, in other words, those in recent decades who’ve created enormous black holes in the Pentagon budget in order to bring in a world ruled by a super-intelligent computer. Their aim was to develop technology that would make man more bionic, like a cyborg or a robot. It was known as the Transhuman Agenda.

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No, it wasn’t the Russians, Mrs May: it was the so-called liberals

The main driver of Brexit was the desire to get our hands back on the controls of the nation, which had been gradually handed over to the EU since the early 1970s. Mrs May and Co know this. But with the Russia narrative failing in the United States and, in fact, mirroring dangerously back on Trump’s accusers, the government here is now all hands-to-the-pump in a desperate bid to prevent the defeat of the globalist One World Order.

So we’re being told that the referendum outcome was influenced by 416 tweets from “Russian bots”. Even if it were true, 416 tweets constitutes a mere nano-drop in the social media ocean for what you’d need to change hearts and minds on any scale.

But if it wasn’t the Russians, why did the British turn out in droves to vote for Brexit on 23rd June 2016?

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Shamanic Soul Retrieval and the Paedophile Elite

Yesterday Wiltshire Police finally reported their conclusions from Operation Conifer which was their investigation into whether the late Sir Edward Heath, the PM who took Britain into the European Union in the early 1970s, was a paedophile who murdered young boys brought to his yacht, Morning Cloud, by Jimmy Savile from a children’s home on Jersey.

These allegations have resonance for the whole Sovereignty debate, as he has been accused of being blackmailed by German intelligence into taking Britain into the European Union.
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The madness of Michel Barnier

The EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier and David Davis gave a joint press conference today on progress, so far, on the EU negotiations. Seems there’s not much progress because it’s being held up by the EU’s opening Mickey Mouse demand that EU citizens living here remain under EU law after we’ve Brexited.


EU Brexit negotiator Barnier holds a news conference in Brussels

So how about this?

Let’s ask all those EU citizens who are living here, and give them the choice. The choice is that they either live under our laws, and then they’re welcome to stay, or if they say they don’t want to live under our laws, then we drive them to the airport.

This is so basic, I cannot believe that David Davis is even taking Barnier’s opening gambit seriously. It is not a serious opening position. It’s a joke. Continue reading

Why all roads lead to the Treaty of Rome

When Tony Blair claims that it’s ‘absolutely imperative’ that we remain in the Single Market of the EU, people accuse him of just worrying about his EU pension. But it’s about so much more than that. It’s about the Treaty of Rome, which is the name of the EU treaty, and the Club of Rome to which Blair sold his soul long ago.

It’s about how the covert bloodsucking hydra of Rome, which – apart from a brief and halycon period, courtesy of Henry VIII, in which Britain thrived – has been trying to suck us dry ever since the times of Julius Caesar about 2,000 years ago.
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The Game – and how to win it

There’s a wonderful term in chess – zugswang. You’re in zugswang when you’re forced to move although any move you make will land you in jeopardy. So what do you do when you’re in zugswang? Well, I think you move the battle into another dimension and, in this blog article, I will explain how.


The Crystal Zugswang by Ruslan Kadiev

So let’s go back to the events of recent weeks.

First of all, in order to understand what happened during the General Election, you have to understand the Game of the Deep State.

The Game is about the battle going on between the two teams that make up much – but importantly, not all – of the Deep State. The aim of the two teams – Red and White – is to enrich their sponsors within the one per cent elite, to give them the most power on the world stage.

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Know Your Deep State

You’re wondering why everything is so confusing right now and even if you’re given the opportunity to vote, or to support a political party, you don’t know who to back?

That’s probably because the Deep State, which all over all the political parties like a nasty rash, is actually now at war with itself. It’s really nothing much to do with us cannon-fodder except if we can figure out who is going to promote our best interests, at least we will know who to cheer from the sidelines as these two primeval monsters slug it out. Continue reading

Woman in Gold – a metaphor for knowing your enemy

I watched Helen Mirren last night in Woman In Gold, the story of how an Austrian women recovered her family’s portrait of her aunt Adele, the woman in question who was painted by Gustav Klimt for this stunning masterpiece in gold leaf that had been stolen during World War Two by the Nazis.

I found the film to be very moving, and it hit me on so many levels because it brought up parallel issues in our situation today. So please forgive me for breaking Godwin’s Law in highlighting these.

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The War on Gender, Part 2 – Weaponised Constructs

Facebook now has 38 genders for a member to choose from. The sanctury city of New York recognises even more of these artificially invented pronouns  – e.g. ne, ve, ey, xe, nir, nem – to support the false notion that gender is fluid.

Obviously this is a load of nonsense – a construct that has no basis in biological reality – which is why the only way it can be rammed through into public acceptance is via political correctness and language fascism.

Here I interview transsexual Claire Rae Randall on the subject. This follows on from our earlier talk in February, which was mainly about a Private Members’ Bill that Maria Miller MP is quietly sneaking through the UK Parliament that will provide a legal basis for making transgender toilets mandatory in the UK.

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What Trump is really doing in Syria

I’m noticing a fair amount of angst around from people who should and would know better if their heads weren’t so far up their arses, because they thought Trump was going to be a pacifist president.

They had no reason to think that. Trump has never shown any sign of being a pacifist or appeaser, but hey-ho, wishful thinking and unicorns and rainbows are so much more fun, right?

Trump has sent the American troops into Syria to destroy ISIS. In other words, he is just doing what he has been continuously saying he would do from at least this time last year, on the campaign trail, and most recently in his speech to Congress only two weeks ago in which he promised to wipe radical Islam off the face of the Earth. Continue reading

Listen: The real spiritual power behind Brexit and Trump – making Trump the Man of the Age

In his speech to Congress on Tuesday, Trump was talking about how his movement evolved and he said: “Then, in 2016, the Earth shifted beneath our feet.”

Why did Trump choose that specific metaphor? Does he know that the spirit of Sovereignty rose from the land?
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The War on Gender – Transgender Loos in the UK

It will come as a surprise to many readers to hear that the legislation to underpin bringing in compulsory transgender toilets in the UK is quietly tip-toeing through Parliament, courtesy of Maria Miller MP.

It will come as even more of a shock to learn that the legislation will allow anyone to change their sexual identity at whim and even if only just for one day. Continue reading

Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval: The Lost Children and the Paedophile Elite

By Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

A few months ago, President Trump opened up the first listening session with experts on human trafficking and as a result, he announced that the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies would devote more resources and personnel to the investigation and rounding up the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, in the UK,  Wiltshire Police have finally reported their conclusions from  Operation Conifer, in other words, their investigations into whether the late Sir Edward Heath, the PM who took Britain into the European Union in the early 1970s, was a paedophile who murdered boys on his yacht, Morning Cloud. Wiltshire Police’s report concludes that there is evidence that Heath raped a boy aged 11 in a ‘paid sexual encounter’ and also alleges that he indecently assaulted six boys. The police say that they would have had ‘reasonable grounds’ to have interviewed Sir Edward under caution in those seven cases.

Even should the powers-that-be allow these allegations to stand, we will probably be told by the talking heads of the mainstream media that Heath was just a one-off anomaly and what he did couldn’t happen today. That would be a lie. The shocking truth is that it’s almost got to the point where a person cannot be appointed to governmental high office unless they are susceptible to blackmailable, or have been rendered so susceptible, and usually over sex and/or torture of a child.  Paedophilia has become the cement that’s holding the whole tottering edifice of the globalists’ power block together

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Planetary Rite of Passage – Thriving Through the Apocalypse, Guided by your Twin Soul

The true meaning of Apocalypse means ‘revelations’ and in our case, the huge revelations about what’s really happening on the world stage is leading us through a classic rite of passage into initiation and enlightenment over the next two to three years.


In this video, I explain how this kind of rite of passage is being fuelled by the spirit of Sovereignty, and how it can lead us to greater empowerment and also to find our twin soul or twin flame.

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