The sex alchemy symbolised by the dove and the serpent

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a highly potent moon rites festival for womb shamans that goes back for thousands of years. In Italy, it is called Nemoralia after the sacred Lake Nemi in whose holy waters the high priestesses of Diana would bathe in the moonlight, and the Vestal Virgins would carry their holy flames in procession into its waters that they believed represented the firmamental birthing pool of the Milky Way.

These sacramental waters are the elixirs that flow within the womb shaman when the dove descends from the Most High and the serpent uncoils upwards. When these two meet at the climax of divine love making, a magical phenomenon occurs that’s known in alchemy as the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon, and the fruit of their honeymoon bed is a huge toroidal vortex of energies that explode and fertilise and heal all within the vicinity of the couple.

The sex alchemy of the dove and serpent is almost certainly the original meaning of the story about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before it was bastardised from its original Aramaic form. It is about the highest form of love alchemy, and it fertilises all life that it touches.

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