Twin souls and dream lovers

When I began writing about the archaeological evidence for shamanic sex rites on my forum, Ishtar’s Gate, in the early 2000s, I was one of the first to air the subject. But by the time I’d compiled those posts into The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar, the notion of sacred love-making was starting to go viral … and I learned a HUGE lesson from all that.

As ever, when a researcher discovers and digs up one of the pearls beyond price, it attracts an infestation of parasites and a Biblical plague of locusts. So it didn’t take long for all the usual grifters, hustlers and liggers to jump on to what they saw as a great new racket. After all, when all else fails, sex always sells.

The feature writers on women’s magazines were delighted that they now had a new relationship twist – that of twin flames and twin souls. The New Age Movement, always casting around for a novel money spinner that sounds vaguely spiritual, jumped on the idea for tantra workshops and hand-fastings, and it made for some freshly-minted pick-up lines, especially from the sort of men you can meet around here where I live in Glastonbury.

“Hey, babe, I think you might be my twin soul.”


“I’m sure we must have met in another lifetime.”

At the same time, the modern science of quantum mechanics was welcomed into the fold with its revolutionary findings about “entanglement”. And so it was decided that because the embryonic egg in the womb always starts off as female, until gender individuation, there just must be all these ejected male souls spinning out into orbit and longing to return to their female twin. Quantum entanglement was used to insist that they are always linked by some invisible, etheric, umbilical cord. There’s no evidence, let alone proof – scientific or otherwise – for any of it … none at all. But nobody cares. It’s a good story and it sells.

However, the subject of sacred shamanic love-making is real and, by extension, so are twin souls who incarnate together on Earth, lifetime after lifetime. The whole mechanics by which the twin flames rediscover and reconnect with one another is a vital passage within the spiritual evolution of the individual. It is not a distraction from the Path; it is the Path.

And so I’d like to share here some of what I’ve been taught by my spirit guides, including about how to recognise your twin soul.

I can’t claim that it’s scientific, in the modern sense of that word. But it does make sense out of many old myths and folk tales that I’ve read about weavers and spinners, and it has made such an impression on me that I used the trials that led to the eventual reunion of the eternal twin flames, Gwyddion and Arianrhod, as a running back story theme through all three books of the trilogy of The Glastonbury Chronicles.

So if you’re open to some Otherworldly guidance on how to recognise your twin soul, buckle up!


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