The Dragon Whisperer’s Son

We cannot say when this dragon’s tale was first whispered from mouth to ear. Its scaly tail was lost long, long ago in a landscape now submerged under the dunes of the Sands of Time. We do divine, however, from the golden silks threaded through its weave, that it was spun in an age when the same Moon that we look up to today was shining down, silvering the seas, and that it was also those most ancient of days when misty marshes and wild dark forests covered the lands, and only the dreamers knew the truth. 

The story recounts the rite-of-passage adventures of the son of the Dragon Whisperer, and as we follow him through the trials and challenges designed to help him develop the cunning and the wisdom he will need to fill his father’s shoes, we also benefit from the teachings he receives on bird magic, flower magic, tree magic, star magic and weather magic and, in this way, we undergo a similar metamorphosis.

So we are not the same person that we were when we began this tale and we may even begin whispering to dragons ourselves…

Out in September.

*Cover design by Sam Richardson, based on artwork by Christos Karapanos of Deviant Art.