Dragon Whispering – two new books out soon

I am so grateful to the generous-hearted friends, who shall remain nameless, that are buying the licence of this artwork, Dragon’s Eye, for the cover of my new book, The Dragon Whisperer’s Son – out, hopefully, by September. The image is so right for this book, because it is so packed full of all sorts of magic that it feels to me as if the dragon energy is practically bursting out through the cover!

It has taken me nearly 11 years to fully excavate the sorry old skeleton of this old Welsh myth, to put muscle and sinew on it, and to dress it again in the original mercurial, motley suit it would have worn for its Commedia dell’Arte performance.

I first came across it in the same week that I moved to Glastonbury, when I took part in an improvised, family constellations drama based upon it. It was supposed to be healing. I don’t know how much healing I actually benefitted from … but I do remember feeling frustrated and singularly unimpressed with this seemingly meaningless tale whose original 13th century translators had knocked all the life-giving blood out of it. I didn’t know then that it would be an integral part of my shamanic work for the next decade, to revive it to its former glory, as it would have been originally performed, so that those with the eyes to see could benefit from the virtual cornucopia of bird magic, flower magic, tree magic, weather magic and star magic with which it is brimming over.

Of course, not everyone has the eyes to see, but that doesn’t matter. Just in following and enjoying this romantic adventure of how the son learned his father’s arcane craft at a time when the lands were still covered in wildwoods and misty marshes, the seeds will be sown in the soil of your mind and they will develop into life-giving flowers and fruits later on, after you’ve developed a bit more wisdom.

On top of that, at Christmas I will be bringing out The Dragon Whisperer’s Handbook which will help you through that process. It will be a manual for you to learn about the different psychological archetypes – the players of this play – and how we sometimes get stuck in their shadows. There will be exercises to help you extricate yourself from such, and also lots of magical information that will irrigate and give sunlight to the seeds that were buried in your subconscious mind when you read The Dragon Whisperer’s Son.

Dragon’s Eye is by Christos Karaponos at Deviant Art.