The only antidote to the madness of iconoclastic priests

To my way of thinking, we wouldn’t have to be having such a ridiculously short-sighted conversation about the colour of Jesus’s skin if the scriptures were taught properly. To end up in a row which tries to paint white Christians as racists is just the inevitable trajectory of teaching the gospels as history, instead of as myth, and plays straight into the hands of those who want to burn down churches and topple statues.

At one time, these fanatics were known as Puritans – or iconoclasts, for their propensity to destroy all religious icons that didn’t fit their narrow way. Our churches and cathedrals still show the trail of destruction wrought by these ignorant maniacs in the decapitated or denosed statues and paintings of the saints. For these hotheads, it’s only one short step from beheading statues they don’t like to beheading people they don’t like.

This way madness lies … the madness of the mob ….and yet it could all be so easily avoided by understanding the true meaning and purpose of the scriptures.

According to my research, the gospels are not historical records about a son of God who lived on Earth, and were never designed to be such. Rather they are Trojan Horses carrying, in their underbellies, mystical metaphors for deep cosmological principles that the ancient scribes wrote in the stars and passed on orally, initially, until eventually they were inscribed on vellum and paper and collated into books – Bible just means ‘book’.

If you’d like to know more about what I mean by the mystical metaphors and cosmological principles in religious texts, it’s all in my books.

In Stories in the Stars, I describe how the dying-and-resurrecting hero of the cross is a much older than the Jesus of a Jerusalem 2,000 years ago, and it derives from stories about the mythological hero who journeyed around the stars of the zodiac.

Then in Stories in the Summerlands, I break down the story of Jesus, as told in the gospels, into its astrological parts and go on to show how its alchemical understory is writ large, for those who have the eyes to see, in the churches of Somerset. Both books are available on Amazon.

In more ancient times, these stories were known to be an integral part of the Mystery Teachings, and it was a recognised part of person’s spiritual growth to be initiated into them. So anyone who reads my books is, in effect, entering into the Mystery Schools.

I’m not just trying to flog a book. I do firmly believe that it is only in understanding the roots of all religions will there ever be peace on Earth, and that’s what fires my work. So long as the stories that the religions are based on are misunderstood, they can be twisted with politically-correct double-think to serve the narratives of different Earthly rulers, and false priests like Pope Francis and Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, will use them to create violent revolutions at will.