How governments are being held hostage all over the world

The coronavirus, like the Law of Unintended Consequences, has exposed and uncloaked so much that has been weighing down the health and wellbeing of the social compact for decades.

Not least, we are confronted with emerging evidence of what the Communists call “the long march through the institutions”. It has managed to install into unaccountable power so many left-leaning globalist sympathisers that governments in more than 180 countries are now being held hostage to scientists and modellers who often seem to be making it up as they go along, just as they do with man-made climate change.

It may seem a strange concept, to think about governments being held hostage … but that to me is what is happening, all over the world, and not least in Britain and in America.

Here, a new, inexperienced, rookie government is being held hostage by a seething swamp of scientific and medical advisers, computer modellers and Remainer activists who, like cockroaches, have inflitrated and infested formerly respected institutions such as Imperial College, Public Health England and the civil service of Whitehall.

Boris’s government is trying to get the children back to school so that their parents can return to work, while the left-wing teachers’ unions and the British Medical Association are standing in the way … all in the name of “health and safety”.

It reminds me of when President Reagan said that the most frightening sentence he ever heard was: “Hi, we’re the government and we’re here to help.”

This is not a party political problem. It is a Deep State problem. It is a Blair Witch Project problem.

Even if Labour had been in government when the coronavirus hit, Corbyn or Starmer would have been tied up by the same hostage takers of the same institutions and subject to the same global bear market for PPE, ventilators and testing equipment.

It is the same in America, where at first Trump seemed to be held hostage by Fauci and the CDC until he found a way to sideline them.

The over-medicalisation of the people agenda is more clear in America because the battle lines are drawn there more clearly, where Trump has been opening up his country again these past few weeks. He left it up to the governors of each state when and how to re-open.

Most of the red states, which voted for Trump in 2016, have reopened, while many of the blue Democrat states have not and, in a couple of cases, are being quite unnecessarily draconian in their restrictions.

However, it’s interesting that there has been no observed spike in coronavirus cases in the states that re-opened, while some that remained shut have seen an increase in cases, according to U.S. Health Secretary Alex Azar.

At the same time, the anti-Trump Democrats are trying to stuff a new law into the latest stimulus package going through Congress. The new law would ban voting at polling stations in November, ostensibly because of the need for social distancing. However, it would be perfectly possible to queue at the polling booths while keeping a safe distance. The real reason they’re trying to sneak through the law is because screwing with the postal voting would be the only way the hapless Democrats could possibly win. Luckily, Trump has deemed that law DOA – dead on arrival.

So I believe it’s time to stop complaining about our governments both here and in the States. Both leaders have succeeded in their aims of flattening the curve and not overwhelming their health systems. It is actually a great success story, considering what they were, and still are, up against … although you will never hear that from the cockroaches running the mainstream media.