How to Slay the Dragon of Misinformation

I’m so often helped through these strange and unprecedented times by the stories that were drawn in the eternal stars, which have come down to us in what we call ‘myths’. I was reminded of one of those today when Obama poked up his head to criticise Trump’s handling of the crisis.

It is the tale about how the hero Ram slayed the demon dragon Ravana, which is told in the Indian Srimad Bhavagatham. Like all archetypal heroes, Ram’s challenge was to rescue a beautiful damsel – in this tale, named Sita – from the evil clutches of the demon Ravana who had her trapped in his garden.

When Ram confronted him, Ravana turned out to be a multi-headed Beast. And each of his heads would take it in turn to taunt Ram about his shortcomings as a hero; they would find different ways to play upon his self-doubts and insecurities.

Ram was an expert bowman, so he tried to stop them talking by shooting at their heads. The arrow would invariably find its mark and the accusatory head would fall off …but only to be swiftly replaced by another one that would instantly set about criticising and mocking him again.

Finally, a rishi (Indian shaman) took Ram to one side and whispered, in his ear, the secret to slaying the dragon.

“You have to hit him in the nectar pot,” he told Ram. “It is just above the naval”.

In other words, the solar plexus.

Ram took his bow and aimed the arrow straight at Ravana’s solar plexus and fired … and the great Beast was finally toppled.

I’m sure you know that the solar plexus is the network of nerves governed by the inner Sun in the body. And that any emotional or mental disruption or destablisation we experience is felt first of all in the solar plexus.

We are extremely vulnerable at this time to such destabilisation by the huge misinformation and disinformation campaign being conducted by the mainstream media, because it can often sound like there are many independent voices – Obama, Blair, Major, Clinton etc – giving messages that support a narrative contrary to the one we instinctively know to be true. It runs counter to the one being transmitted to our brains by the gnosis that we feel in our own solar plexus. We call it gut instinct.

Self-doubt is key to the Beast’s psy-ops strategy. Michelle Obama recently, in publicising her new book on Netflix, criticised the American people for letting down her husband’s legacy in voting for Trump. She blamed them for poor judgement.

But this is how we can be fooled by those revolving talking heads who claim to know us better than we know ourselves, when all these seemingly diverse voices are actually just one unified voice being broadcast from the solar plexus of the Beast.

It’s also interesting to note that when Trump started to talk about the power of UV solar rays against the coronavirus, the Beast went beserk! Trump must have been right over the target – and aiming straight at the nectar pot.

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