The real “silent, invisible enemy”

Every day, President Trump reminds us that we are at war with a “silent, invisible enemy”. Most think he is talking about the coronavirus. However, they may not realise that the modus operandi China is using to take over the world is very much like the one that the coronavirus uses to take over the body.

It is by stealth, at first. It silently and secretly infiltrates the body (invests in a struggling company) which has underlying health conditions (structural weaknesses caused by austerity and Green regulations).

It then steps forward and offers to save the company – but will only “save” it if, in return, the company gives it all its intellectual property (the DNA and RNA).

Once the virus has the DNA and RNA, it’s free to make copies and replicate itself, to take over the body and to eventually kill it. In the same way, the Chinese create new companies based on the intellectual property of the original company. Then they use Chinese slave labour to produce the goods much more cheaply than the original company, and this eventually completely pushes the original company out of business.

It is also highly “contagious” because having a stake in a local company that thousands rely on for work give it enormous influence in that town or city, and so they use bribery and blackmail with local councils to get their way.

All Chinese companies ultimately report to the Chinese Communist Party, who take it and nationalise it once it is successful.

Remember, the Chinese Communist Party are atheists who persecute anyone with spiritual beliefs, even Chi Gong practitioners. And so, just like the virus, they have the stolen intelligence but they have no moral code.