Shine on, you crazy diamond – unravelling the metaphors of Time

I’ve been realising recently that the design of the chequerboard floor of the Freemasonic lodge does not consist of black and white squares but black and white diamonds. You just have to skew it slightly to see this. It was confirmed to me yesterday when a dowser friend sent me a photo of the design on the floor of the Great Hall in the Queen’s House, Greenwich, London, adjacent to where the prime time meridian is set.

The white Queen’s House, designed by Inigo Jones, is also known as the “beating heart” of Greenwich because it was the first building, in 1625, that all the others in that famous maritime complex which contains the Royal Observatory were built around. It is contemporary with Queen Elizabeth’s favourite Sir Francis Bacon, who was an advanced initiate in the Mysteries of Time and Space.

The Greenwich meridian

I have given a presentation on the Mysteries of Time based on the teachings in my book Stories in the Stars. I centred my talk around the Mary Poppins character Admiral Boom and his booming cannon who, P L Travers the author tells us, is the Time Keeper with whom the Greenwich Meantime meridian has to keep pace.

Admiral Boom from Mary Poppins

P.L. Travers was a mystic and initiate and so, like many great storytellers before her, she hid the real astrological and alchemical meanings of her Mary Poppins tales in allegory and metaphor. Of course, Admiral Boom is the Greek Chronos (the Roman Saturn) aka Old Father Time, who governs the clock face hands that mark the major transformatory events of the crucible of our lives, which are set according the position of the stars at the time of our birth, and the position of the stars at the time our death.

Father Time, complete with scythe, is the central figure in the Rotunda Clock by John Flanagan, located in the rotunda of the Thomas Jefferson Building of the U.S. Library of Congress in Washington, D.C..

Just like the diamond, we are compressed carbon and so the astrological and alchemical journey of our spiritual metamorphosis, which is the purpose of human life, has to take place over Time, in order to release the golden spark of our divinity, which is our essence, from its bondage.

So I think it’s clear from the design on the floor of the Queen’s House that the Masonic squares are in fact diamonds hidden in plain sight. It becomes even clearer as they converge upon the centre of what I’m assuming could be some kind of powerful node – where energy lines cross.

Fibonacci spiral staircase at the Queen’s House, Greenwich

There is currently a laser on the Royal Observatory whose red light marks the prime meridian. According to GPS measurements, though, it is actually 5.3 seconds or 0.06 miles out. I wonder if the “beating heart” of the Queen’s House is 5.3 seconds or 0.06 miles from the Observatory?

My friend tells me that he hasn’t dowsed the energy lines around there yet. I can’t wait to hear the results when he does!