Environmentalism is the New Original Sin

Of course it’s a good idea to help protect our environment and Nature, and most of us do our bit. But Man is part of Nature too. And so shouldn’t he or she also be protected from a “green” narrative that is being used to attack humanity in a retread of the original Original Sin, which is working a treat on those who still need to feel guilty about something now that the old religion has failed them.

The Babylonian astronomer priests would use similar tactics five thousand years ago, in order to control their less knowledgable masses. When the Moon eclipsing the Sun cast darkness on the Earth, the people would be told it was God’s way of showing that he was displeased with them and that therefore they needed to give more donations to the priests’ temples.

The Original Sin environmental weapon is similar in that the scientific priesthood pronounce that we are causing the climate to change, that “biodiversity loss” is at unprecedented levels, and that therefore we are in danger of being thrown out of Eden.

However, Victorian explorers only began recording the species they came across in their travels in the late 19th century, and scientists still haven’t anywhere near completed the job. That’s why you often hear of animals going extinct in one location and then a whole herd of them suddenly turn up in another place.

A more zoomed-out picture shows us that Nature is continually changing and renewing Herself in a cycle of birth, death and rebirth, and this includes all the species. It’s called evolution – and fossil shells going back billions of years show us that process in action.

Even if the current rate of extinctions is high, which I doubt, it is certainly not unprecedented, as David Attenborough-types like to claim. If you look up the Cambrian Explosion, you will find that there is nothing alive on this planet that existed 541 million years ago, and that mass extinction wasn’t caused by man because man was not here at that time.

In reality, the worst pollution on the planet is being caused by those who pump through the screens in our living rooms endless images of polar bears, who happily swim, “drowning”, and glaciers melting that were due to anyway, with the underlying message that it’s all our fault.

It is part of their arsenal to make us worry about things over which we have no control, and it is political and economic, as well as spiritual.

It is political because when we are feeling guilty and fearful, we are more easily controlled.

It is economic because it triggers us to give more donations to the “temple”, in the form of carbon taxes.

And most important of all, it is spiritual because it is a constant nagging distraction from what we are really here, in human bodies, to do, the keys to which are hidden in the mysteries of myths.

The “apples” in the original Eve’s orchard were symbols for the stars which spell out our destiny at our birth in a story that was current at a time when wise mages and sages were called “serpents”.

To discover more about all that, and how to find your true destiny, please read my book Stories in the Stars: What our ancestors were trying to tell us. Then perhaps you will realise that that nagging doubt you feel is not because you are killing the planet but because all the “environmentalism” is distracting you from getting on with what you really came here to do.

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