Apocalypse Now – or at least next Tuesday

When your pay, pension and not inconsiderable perks are dependent upon defending the nation against a presumed apocalypse, your position can only maintained by never actually setting a date for The End of the World, so that you can always be right. We learned that with the Millennium Bug. So the only way you can be ousted from power is if someone sets a date for Armageddon that comes around soon – and this is what Boris Johnson has done.

The headless, raggle-taggle purveyors of doom now have very little parliamentary time in which to squeeze all their Chicken Liddle-like hysteria and this means that matters are going to get quite intense this week. Tomorrow is their last chance to bring an emergency bill to stop No Deal – code for stopping Brexit altogether, aka The End of the World – while, just to pepper matters up even further, Tory rebels have been told that they will be thrown out of the party if they vote against government policy.

Those who don’t normally follow politics might believe that this is all par the course in Westminster. It really isn’t. This week will be one of the most pivotal in parliamentary history and thus of our nation, and schoolchildren – if we can ever expunge the indoctrinators – will be taught about how this chess game played out for centuries to come.

Thanks to Brighty

Now that government policy is backed by the Queen and the Archbishop of Canterbury, I think the writing is on the wall. Welby is not silly. He was due to host a Stop No Deal Citizen’s Assembly this week. But he must have realised, with the proroguement, that the Queen was no longer in check. So the Bishop moved swiftly across the board to play his role, and told the Remainers to stop whingeing. I believe that there will be many other Knights and Castles getting into line, as we speak, who have all woken up to the reality.

I don’t know what’s going to happen. I only know that it is no longer up to us Pawns, other than to keep calm and keep our powder dry. We have played our part – for now, anyway – and so we can just relax back in the “cheap seats” and watch history being written.

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