Mary of Fatima’s message to the world is coming true

Over a series of three days in 1917, Mary, mother of Jesus, reportedly appeared in the skies over Fatima in Portugal. There were apparently three children who saw her and who said that, over a period of several months, Mary revealed to them three secrets, only two of which have been released in full by the Roman Catholic Church.

The Vatican is covering up the essence of the Third Message, and here I make the case that it is because it not only predicts a hellish Armageddon-like destruction for most of the world, but is also implicates high-ranking bishops and a “pope dressed in white” for causing it.

Now, normally I’m a little sceptical about visions. To my mind, they are usually an allegorical message meant only for the receiver, and apocalyptic symbols are more often astronomical and astrological, and not about events on Earth.

However, there are three reasons why I am taking this one more seriously:

Firstly, it describes exactly how the upper reaches of the Catholic Church, a century later, has become so systemically corrupted and hollowed-out from the inside, and led by a “pope dressed in white”, to be almost irredeemable.

Secondly, there was a well-attested miracle that took place on the day that Mary revealed to them the Third Secret at Fatima. In front of a crowd of more than 30,000 people, the sun left its moorings in the skies, zig-zagged down to the Earth and danced around them. It had been raining, and many of them reported that their soaking wet clothes instantly dried as did the ground, which had been previously muddy.

It is this latter factor that forced the Church to eventually take the Third Secret seriously, and then, over time, gradually dilute the message and misrepresent it. This public relations massaging served well to distract from their sabotage of the Vatican’s institutions in order to achieve their real, hidden agenda.

In a nutshell, Mary’s Third Secret was about how atheistic communism would take over and destroy the world. So it has been no surprise to hear that Pope Francis – the “pope dressed in white” in the vision – has just finalised a deal with atheistic communist China so that from now on, only the Chinese politburo will be able to appoint the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church.

This brings me to the third reason to believe in this prophecy, and it involves a strategy which those who are familiar with how the Deep State operates will already know. We’ve noticed that they have a propensity to use apocalyptic literature as a playbook for their war gaming operations. For instance, currently the Deep State cabal justifies its waging of perpetual wars on their interpretation of the New Testament’s Book of the Revelation. The sooner it can bring about the End of the World, so their crazy reasoning goes, the sooner that the Second Coming of Jesus can occur. Thus, we don’t even have to concern ourselves about whether the miracle of Fatima really happened or not, because it is still a kind of true prophecy in that certain Dr Strangelove cabalists who, for the past century, have caused all the wars will use it as an excuse to make it come true.

The Vatican did not publish the Third Secret until 1960. Even then, it was only their edited version of Mary’s message, and they went to to insist that it was about the dangers of “Russian communism” and so it was “no longer a problem”, which is true. However, it wasn’t Russian communism that was the problem in 1917 and never has been. It was Soviet (Bolshevik) communism. That may seem a moot point, but please bear with me …

The real threat to the world

In 1917, when Mary first appeared to the three children, the Bosheviks had just taken over Russia through revolution. Within a few years, the Bolsheviks had formed the Soviet Union, which, at its height, was such a huge empire that it covered a sixth of the Earth’s surface, taking in 15 countries that were ruled under communist diktat from various urban centres across its land mass, including Moscow in Russia.

By 1960, when the Vatican finally published their watered-down message, we had just gone through two world wars, which, despite all the publicity to the contrary, were not won by the Western powers but by the Soviets. Nevertheless, since then, the Soviet block has broken up, and its member countries are no longer under communism but are following various more capitalistic models, while atheisim has also now been pushed to the margins there by the popularity of the Orthodox Church.

So it seems likely to me that if Mary had been warning about the dangers of atheistic communism coming from that part of the Eurasian landmass, she would have used the word “Soviet”, not “Russian”.

To my way of thinking, that corrupted version of Mary’s message marked the beginnings of the anti-Russia sentiment with which we are currently being assailed, and its purpose has been to distract from the real threat of a world Apocalypse – at least economically – that is coming from communist China.

China has been deliberately steered into its current position of economic dominance largely with the help of what Maoists would call “running dogs”. In this case, many of them are American communists who fled the US to Beijing during the McCarthy investigations. It is this Sino-US force that now dominates Wall Street, the universities, Hollywood and the mainstream media. These expat American “running dogs” knew how to work the hidden levers of the US system, and so they showed the Chinese the “gaps” where they could infiltrate it, and thus over 50 years they slowly and steathily hollowed it out from the inside.

In recent years, China has been given free rein over the world’s rare earth resources so that it can further its economic war by dominating the information arena in the role of the main provider of 5G and smart technology, via Huawei.

China’s fellow travellers in Washington DC made sure that following 9/11, American troops were stationed in Afghanistan to protect the mining of these minerals, especially lithium. This is the reason for the row over Huawei. It’s not about the health dangers of 5G, which are, nonetheless, real; it is about who owns the cyber platform that will have unlimited powers to surveil us in order to know what we think, and therefore to craft the narrative that wins the most “hearts and minds” to its cause. That is why China bought-up Hollywood and the mainstream media. And with China now owning the bishops of the Catholic Church, it will give the atheist communists access to the “hearts and minds” of 1.3 billion people who make up the largest denomination of the Christian religion.

So whether or not we believe that Mary actually appeared to the three children in 1917 or not, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that the essence of her message is coming true in that Chinese communism is now a real threat to the world, and not least due to the treachery of the Roman Catholic church.

President Trump and China

As I write, the only powerful and influential person on the world stage who is standing against Chinese domination is President Donald Trump.

In fact, Trump was asked to stand for election because he was the only one with the know-how on how to wage this economic war back at China, to put an end to them stealing America’s wealth and intellectual property, and to tear up its free pass for raping the world’s resources, just as much as they have raped the sovereignty of their own peoples. This is why the Chinese-owned mainstream media encourages us to hate Trump, and why the sole mission of the Chinese-owned Democrats is to remove him from power.

In Britain, we are equally in danger from Chinese communism, which has used the United Nations and the European Union as its operating arm in this part of the northern hemisphere. It is the main underlying reason for why I believe that its “running dogs” in the Westminster parliament will even risk the death of their own parties in order to keep Britain under the influence of China within the aegis of the increasingly dictatorial EU.

Exiled Soviet, Bolshevik-style oligarchs are big donors to the Tories, and many are in influential positions within Britain’s institutions, pressing for a return to communism because they profited from it so greatly before Putin took over, in Russia, and spoiled their game. So to me, the first test of whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson is genuine about rescuing our country from the grip of EU/China is what he does about Huawei. I will be watching closely.

About me and my work

Hello, I’m Annie Dieu-Le-Veut and I write articles and books to help others understand the wisdom and importance of our own indigenous stories when it comes to claiming our Sovereignty.

We’ve all had our cognitive processes carved into shape by the tales that we’ve been told. Stories are what make the world go round. We live and breathe according to the weave of the narrative that we’ve received from birth, so much so, that we’d find it difficult to leave our beds in the mornings unless there is an Ariandne-like red thread or winding yarn to show us the way through the labyrinth of our day.

As Shelley once said: “Poets are the secret legislators of the world.”

This is why we become attached to our own stories and can get quite upset when someone tells us another that doesn’t chime with “our own”. I put “our own” in inverted commas, because unless it’s one which can be traced back to the mythological seedbed of our own early ancestors, it is rarely actually “our own”. But Nature abhors a vacuum, and so in the absence of the sagas from our own forebears to guide us along our life’s path, we tend, like a sleep walker stumbling along a landing, to grab hold of the rope railings of any tall tale we’re given.

However, the further back in time we go, the more wisdom the metaphorical myths contain. That’s why I dig and dig and dig, looking for the cosmological teachings of the ancestors whose Rivers of Blood run through our veins in the Bright World Above, and through the dark caverns of the Land Below in which they are buried, often in the very spot where they fell fighting to defend this sacred soil for future generations

Through all this I have come to realise that the more a society comes away from the stories of its shamans, the more it can be persuaded to the point of bullying to act in the interests of pathological altruism, rather than in its own enlightened self-interest. This is how our enemies weaken us, making us much more susceptible to fall to those who have no scruples at all about in acting in their own enlightened self-interest and Nature will favour them, because they are more intelligent than us in the matter of survival.

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