Highly auspicious astrological forecast for Boris Johnson as he takes over Number 10

by CAROLE YOUNG, Astrologer.

On the day that Boris Johnson becomes prime minister of Britain, it is amazing to see the favourable trends currently showing up in his astrological chart.

His oon today in Aries, in his 7th house, is highly appropriate for taking on the leadership of the country.

More importantly, there are many planets that are moving through his 10th house of career advancement and authority. And with the Sun in Leo, it shows a fresh new phase in Boris’s life. This indicates that he will be bringing new energy to the nation and in the 11th house, which represents Parliament. Leo is also about leadership and heart energy and warmth which he will radiate into the situation by enthusing people, entertaining them and yet also leading them.

I think many will support him. It’s well aspected to Mars in his chart which is excellent for energy and drive. But there is a challenging aspect to his natal moon which shows that he is having to adjust emotionally to the new situation. This is natural and the aspect moves off in a few days.

A man whose time has come?

The Dragon’s Head and Tail are highlighted in his chart at the moment by a transit which indicates that he is on his right and destined path, due to the position they are in in his chart, and there’s a fantastic aspect to Neptune … and destiny.

Saturn is also well aspected in his chart at the moment which is good as it indicates responsibility and effective work to build foundations and get real results.

However, there is a transiting planet which is giving him the most hassle is Jupiter which is moving through his 3rd house of communication and it rules that house in his natal chart. This shows he’s going to be very busy and must watch that and reign it in to make sure he takes some time for quiet and space to be able to clear his mind and make good decisions.

Uranus is the planet of major change, and is wonderfully aspected today by a transit in his chart that exactly and powerfully aspects his natal Uranus, meaning that Boris Johnson will bring the big changes that are needed. It also shows a touch of genius and indicates that the maverick side of his personality will bring results.

So we could all be very surprised indeed. It certainly looks as if he is going to shake up Parliament because the universal tides of the planet Uranus are with him.

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