The pyschology of the tyranny of the Left

In learning the history of Maoist China and Stalin’s Soviet Union, I always used to wonder how such tyrannical, totalitarian regimes, run by just an elite few, ever managed to get into power over millions and millions of people. Now we’re watching it in action.

I heard someone the other day refer to those on the Left as the “Wokestapo”. I think it’s a very good term for those who believe that they are awake but are actually suffering from a sort of tyrannical, white-knuckled approach to life that comes out of unresolved personality orders.

People with these disorders – such as those on the autism spectrum, or those who suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Compulsive Obsessive Disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder – often have a compulsion to control everything around them to the nth degree. This is because they don’t actually trust that the Universe, God or the gods are giving them, and will continue to provide what they need for their soul to evolve on this pilgrimage of life, according to a compact that they made before coming into incarnation.

This can cause them to fear any degree of disorder which is a necessary component of order forming out of chaos and therefore, if you understand the message of the Vesica Piscis, you will know that it cannot be dispensed with; it is integral to Nature.

The Vesica Piscis gate leading to the Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury, Somerset

But the Wokestapo prefer the sort of over-regulation of red tape with which the EU binds us and a “soft play” world of pedestrianised safe spaces in which all play is policed.

The “science” of the Left is also cordoned off into one of those safe cognitive spaces; it only works if you are ignorant of all the rest of science. The transgender agenda can only thrive in a world that ignores biology; man-made climate change only makes sense when you ignore geology and history. This ignorance is the opposite of gnosis.

These Wokestapo folken are completely intolerant of anyone with a different point of view to their own, which they call “hate speech”. So they naturally support a Stasi-like mass surveillance, called Alexa or Siri, to prevent anyone expressing an inconvenient truth in their own home which could lead to the whole flimsy house of cards tumbling down.

Up until last year, the Green Party supported the roll-out of the “smart city” agenda, one of the aims of which is to ban humans from all the wild places – lands in which many of its so-called liberal metro-elitists would be unable to survive for very long.

It’s just a short step from the person with OCD feeling compelled to line up the jars in their cupboards to face the same way to people being compelled to form into goose-stepping, serried ranks of Nazis.

I’m not saying that no-one on the political Right suffers from personality disorders. But I believe that it is a lack of spiritual understanding and experience that leaves deep-seated, childish terrors unresolved, and it is driving many towards the safe space sheep-fold of the Left to become Useful Idiots for a Deep State agenda to roll-out the most controlled and tyrannical world order we have ever seen, through the technology of 5G and AI, and one that Mao and Stalin could only have dreamt about.


  1. Dallas Fowler

    a man came to the forest and filled your head with non-sense and took you away from your own natural senses, gave you religion first, gave you language and taught you how to spell and you have been casting spells ever since. word thoughts redefining your reality for you, which in turn has taken you away from creating the dream of life as it should be… you dear lady are still caught up in duality or should I say the left-right paradigm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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