Unscrambling Alastair Campbell’s acid trip maths

In Thursday’s Euro election, 59 per cent of the British electorate voted for Leave parties while 41 per cent voted for those who want to Remain.

The real statistics for the 2019 Euro elections from actual data

The BBC will have to finally admit the real results, once they’ve come down from their Alastair Campbell acid trip maths. Whatever the media window dressing, we can be sure that the powers-that-be know that this is the real state of play and have heard the message loud and clear.

It comes out to 59:41 to Leave because Campbell forgot to include the votes for two other Leave parties – Conservatives and Labour – that only got into power in the General Election of 2017 on the promise of “Brexit Means Brexit”.

The Lib Dems put this leaflet through people’s doors in the run-up to election day last Thursday, which declared that a vote for the Conservatives, Labour, UKIP or the Brexit Party was a vote to Leave, and that the Lib Dems were the only “Stop Brexit” party. After the poll, they got their hired spin doctor – who is not as intelligent as Malcolm Tucker but quite as feral – to come up with hokey numbers that ignored the Conservative and Labour vote for Leave to “prove that Remain had won”. I notice too that there’s nothing on the Lib Dem leaflet about how voting Green, SNP or Plaid Cymru was a vote for Remain. They can’t have it both ways.

Liberal Democrats leaflet for Euro election 2019

When you examine the real figures, it explains why, in comparing the regional voting results maps of the 2016 referendum and these Euro elections, you can see a greater change in the climate. The Brexit blue has now washed into many previously yellow Remain beach heads, but not the other way around – despite foreign nationals voting this time as well as teenagers not old enough to vote in 2016.

This is real climate change, as opposed to the one that the Greens and Extinction Rebellion continually bang on about. And I dispute that the Green votes should have been included in the Remain camp because most of them have no idea about politics and are just voting to Save the Planet – from whom, they’re never really sure.

Regional maps from 2016 and 2019

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party will now be the largest single political party in the European Parliament by far, and he will no doubt ally his troops with those of Le Pen of France, Salvini of Italy and Orban of Hungary.

Distribution of seats in the European Parliament following 2019 elections

However, both main political parties in the UK still seem dead set on imploding.

“Our very distinguished Foreign Secretary says, after the worst result in our history, the answer is to ignore what the voters have just told us. That doesn’t seem to be an understanding of what ‘suicide’ means.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg on Jeremy Hunt:

What will REALLY bring the country together is moving decisively ahead with the vote of people, which they’ve given twice now. Once out of the EU, the Remainers will soon forget what they were worrying about when we don’t fall off the cliff into the North Sea.

Anyone talking about a compromise and a second referendum is actually going to create more division in a country that won’t be able to function properly on the world stage because it’s in such disarray.

Alastair Campbell and his ilk are a plague on our country – the enemy within. I’m glad Labour fired him.

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