How to win the game of life

It is not the purpose of human life to overturn governments. It is the purpose of human life to engage with our lessons that come from our ancestral spirits, to learn how to reincarnate into our own lives. In that way, we can blaze a trail in carving out a sacred space in our own lands so that the children and grandchildren of our ancestral lines will be born into a peaceful and protected existence under the rule of law, which will give them the optimal opportunities for spiritual growth when they incarnate. We have to prepare the way for them. We have to to sweep the hearth, to keep it clean.

This is what the protection of the Sovereignty of the land is all about. It’s a million miles from the puffed-up, chest-thumping, arrogant patriotism or nationalism that our adversaries accuse us of – and yet are quite happy to engender in us when they need us to sign up as their cannon fodder or pawns on the great chess board. But we will always be helpless pawns until we find the courage or clear-sightedness to be able to look at them square in the face, to understand who they really are.

The adversaries have set the rules of the game. It is constructed around an alchemical symbol, the six-pointed star, otherwise known as the Star of David. However, it is a much older alchemical symbol than Judaism, so complaining on and on about Zionism is just one of their big distractions. Don’t fall for it. It’s only half the story and it’s only the surface half.

We need to look underneath the pyramid of their hierarchy – the word ‘hierarchy’, by the way, means “spiritual rule” or “rule of the gods in the arc of the Milky Way”. The upward-pointing triangle or pyramid (‘pyro’ from the Greek for ‘fire’) is merely the surface world reflection in the Above from the water Below, in the other dimensions, which is symbolised by the downward pointing triangle. And vice-versa. It is the secret fire in the water that governs creation


The Louvre, Paris, France

The six-pointed star represents the Alchemical Marriage, otherwise known as Marriage of the Sun and the Moon, fire and water, male and female, yin and yang and so on.


The Alchemical Marriage by Steve Kalec

It is the royal seal of the Lion (Leo, fire) and the Unicorn (Aquarius, water).

royal coat of arms


The Alchemical Marriage is represented in sacred geometry as the Vesica Piscis, which symbolises the building blocks of all creation.

vesica piscis article


For thousands of years, our adversaries have built their “power buildings” according to these proportions. The image below is one I’ve made for my new book, Stories in the Land,  showing how the sacred geometry of the Old Church at Glastonbury Abbey is the same as that found at Stonehenge and other stone circles.
Vitruvian man and the Lady Chapel v5


If we don’t engage with this Game and its rules, we will have to keep reincarnating until we get it. The adversaries are playing their part by hiding the rules in plain sight. We have to learn to play ours, and we start by looking and engaging. The seed to the solution to any problem is always found in the problem itself – another alchemical law.

This has just been a rough sketch of what’s really going on. If you’d like to know more, please read my books, because it’s all there for you. I recommend that you start with Stories in the Stars: What our ancestors are trying to tell us, and then get Stories in the Land: A pilgrimage into esoteric Avalon, when it comes out this summer.

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