Why May’s Withdrawal Bill is the worst example of foreign collusion, designed to destroy a Sovereign nation

Welcome to the Hotel California!

Imagine checking out of a hotel, handing over your room key, paying the bill of £39 billion and then being stuck in the foyer, with your suitcases at your feet, because the glass doors won’t open. You ask the receptionist when you can leave but she just smiles and says nothing.

I’m sure you recognise this Eagles-inspired metaphor. It’s why all good MPs, who care about our country, won’t sign this Orwellian-named Withdrawal Bill – a ReMayner’s Charter that could keep us as a member of the EU into perpetuity.

All we would be withdrawing from under this Hotel California Bill is the right to a say in any decision-making about how we are ruled as Juncker’s Junta continues to asset-strip the British Isles under the euphemism of “austerity”.

They are relying on us not reading all the 585-pages of this lawyers’ wet dream of a tome, just as few of us ever bother to read the small print of the Terms and Conditions. So here is a very quick boil-down to help us understand why all good MPs won’t vote for it:

• We could Remain in this internationally-binding treaty until the end of this century.

• We would Remain as a member state, but now without the ability to nominate, appoint or elect members to the EU institutions or to participate in the decision-making.

• We would Remain in the Customs Union, even after the treaty ended – which it most likely never will – and so we will never be able to make trade deals with other countries.

• We would Remain under the sway of the European Court of Justice which will have the final say in any dispute over ambiguities or text that can be interpreted in different ways, of which there are many in the weasel-words of these 585 pages. Normally, it should be an external, independent body that adjudicates such matters in an international treaty – so I guess that’s why they’re not calling this treaty a treaty.

• We would Remain bound by all the EU’s international agreements.

• We would Remain liable for paying the pensions of all ex-EU employees.

• We would Remain unable to fish in our own waters and yet still be bound by any decisions the EU makes about who can fish in them.

• We would Remain unable to give aid to our farmers, if they need it – for instance should the EU increase support for its own farmers to sell their produce more cheaply and thus price our own farmers out of the market.

• We would Remain unable to give aid to our own industries, which like the farmers, will still be dependent on the EU for any financial help.

And we still have not even begun the negotiations for a Trade Deal with the EU – all of the above is just what we have to agree to merely to get permission to begin those.

On Wednesday, the MPs will take control of Parliamentary business for some of that day in order to squabble through more indicative – aka, not legally binding – votes on what sort of Brexit they want.

Once that turns out to be a Gordian Knot of impossibly conflicting and unachievable options, the Hotel California Treaty Bill may come before the Commons again as the “Least Worst Option” option. I hope, after reading this, you will understand why it really isn’t. It’s National Suicide.

Talk about foreign collusion!

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