Trump and the Five Stages of Grief

An information war is similar to a bog standard military conflict except that the weapons are much more informational in nature, with agitprop theatre, crisis actors and mass media propaganda used in the place of bombers, tanks and guns.

It seems to me that recent revelations and realisations over the treachery of those who have pretended to represent our best interests for the past 40-odd years has had the same impact, cognitively, as a Shock and Awe invasion, not least in how our government is trying to betray our democratic vote to Leave the EU. And so you’d think there’d be riots on the streets. But there is just this strange sort of silence.

It’s the same in America. Andrew McCabe, who was fired from his post of Deputy Director of the FBI, has been going round all the prime-time tv studios trying to make a virtue of his treason. Most of us who follow the news on the internet have known for some time about this attempt at a coup to remove or assassinate a rightfully-elected president under the hoax of “Russian Collusion”. Now McCabe is spilling the beans on the whole caper that includes many top Democrats, Neo-Cons and Deep State actors who have been colluding in high treason. In other words, the truth is being beamed into people’s living rooms through their tellies – and still, it’s just crickets.

I think what is taking place is the “rabbit-in-the-headlights” effect, which is due to the cognitive dissonance that automatically snaps into play after a traumatic event. When we’re suddenly presented with a threat to the foundations of our world view, our sense of reality shakes as much as it would during an actual earthquake. So we freeze, we go numb and then we slip into the fog of denial – and we can stay that way for some time.

This is probably an innate protection measure that has evolved over time. Psychologists say it’s part of the Trauma Curve, with freezing, numbness and denial as the first few landmarks along this road. The Trauma Curve was developed by Elizabeth Kübler-Ross to represent the Five Stages of Grief, Trauma or Personal Change. In her chart (see below), anger only comes some way down this path – and even then, there is still a fair stretch to go before we reach our destination including having to ford the infamous Slough of Despond of Pilgrim’s Progress.



It took me about about two years to get through the Trauma Curve after discovering the depth and the extent of paedophilia and child sex abuse. If I’m typical of the average, then by the time of the next US elections in November 2020, our American cousins will be just about beginning to come out of their depression about the betrayal and outright criminality of those who tried to murder or otherwise oust a rightfully elected president, and will be ready to act on that new understanding. And then I think if Trump gets a second term, here in Britain we will be able to get out of the EU properly – in fact, the way I see it, by that time, there will be nowhere else to go.


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