Zionism, Jews and anti-Semitism: untangling the web

I see many getting caught up in the tangled web of shadow-play nuances that make up this Zionist psy-op prevailing in the mainstream media. If you try to talk about it honestly, to bring clarity to the subject, you get labelled “anti-semitic”. But I’ll plough ahead anyway, with a warning that any comments from Zionist trolls will go straight in the trash bin.

Firstly, semitism is not about being part of a race; to be semitic is to be part of a large language group of the Arabs, and so it also includes the Palestinians. Thus, technically speaking, to attack Palestine is just as anti-semitic as to attack Israel.

Secondly, most Jews are not Zionists, and are against Zionism. They are abiding by their religious doctrine about not returning to their homeland until the Messiah “comes again” and leads them back to Jerusalem. So far, there’s been no sign of him, and so they remain in situ and contribute well to the wealth and wellbeing of the nation from their communities in Golders Green and places like that.

Finally, more than 40 per cent of the world’s billionaires are self-proclaimed Zionists. Led by the Rothschilds, they took over the country of Israel after World War II in 1945. Most of them are not indigenous Jews and are globalists. They come from what was originally a violent, warlike, Central Asian tribe that worshipped a sky god and they oppressed the indigenous Jews and Palestians already on that land, to put themselves into the higher echelons of power in Israel.


This same globalist cabal now pretty well runs Hollywood, the porn industry, the drug trafficking and all sorts of other shady stuff. But they fly under the flag of being Jews, so that the Jews get the blame for all their crimes. Their military-intelligence wing is run by Mossad. In that way, they are just as bad for the real Jews as Hitler ever was – who could actually have been one of them. Hitler was certainly close to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, who apparently suggested to him killing the Jews rather than keeping them in captivity.

Therefore, it doesn’t make any sense to be anti-semitic or against the Jews when, to my understanding, most of their so-called crimes against humanity are actually being committed in their names by the others – the Zionists, who are largely not Jewish. So if you want to throw rotten eggs at the Zionists, be my guest, but please make sure that you don’t miss and hit the genuine, indigenous people of Israel who have been oppressed by Zionist rule for long enough and who, in my opinion, deserve a break.


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