Super Blood Wolf Moon – high alert

Matters were quite tense in America over the weekend as the government remained in shutdown, while Trump and Nancy continued to battle it out over the wall, while a lunar eclipse – the last one until 2021 – meant that the Satanists in the Deep State may well be wanting to use the occasion for a mass sacrifice rivalling their genocidal conflagration of 9/11 and, simultaneously, send a lot of damning, Black Budget paperwork up in smoke.

But please don’t think that the Moon or an eclipse is anything to do with Satanism. It is quite the reverse.

To my way of thinking, Satanism is a direct result of Christianity, the religion that invented the Devil. It’s just the other side of the coin. Metaphorically-speaking, it’s the Dark Side of the Moon. Zoroaster played the same trick with his Zoroastrianism. He spun the older Vedic religion on its head and turned the good nature devas (faeries) of those myths into demons and made his arch demon the evil Angra Mainyu.

These are all just pantomime stories that are the means by which the AUTHORs battle for the mantle of AUTHORity in the hearts and minds of the child-like masses as they get them to shout: “He’s behind you!!” The story that wins underpins the AUTHORitarian regime that gets to control us and some of those cognitive control mechanisms can last for thousands of years. And so we need to transcend the infantile mindset of religion if we want to benefit from knowing and working with the real laws of the universe, otherwise known as “magic”.

“Magic” is not evil; it is just advanced science, in which the rules are kept hidden or “occulted” by the Elite few. Magic is also like a knife. You can use a knife to cut an apple into four quarters or you can use it to stab someone. In other words, you can use it for good or bad. But neither of those choices makes the knife good or bad. It is just a knife. However, knives are banned for Christians, making it very difficult for them to prepare a decent meal.

I find it vastly amusing to see the massive amount of money spent on trying to persuade Christians that magic is evil, with Hollywood’s grisly, technicolour horror films about vampires and ghosts being used to frighten them off. All they had to do was tell them that in order to become a magician, they’d have to learn some maths (sacred geometry) and chemistry (alchemy) and you wouldn’t see them for dust, especially those taught by Common Core!

Eclipses are magical because they are deeply transformative in that they are cosmological acts of conception through the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon, which creates new worlds. I’m explaining how all that works in my new book, Stories in the Land: An esoteric guide to Avalon, which I’m hoping will be out by Beltane.

So may we all enjoy a deeply rich and transformative experience during tomorrow’s Super Blood Wolf Moon!

How to read my books

If you’re thinking of getting one or more of my books, can I give you a bit of a steer? There are two ways to receive my teachings, and each augments the other.

If you wish to go down the fictional route, and become inspired in your dreams and imagination by the coded magical keys, symbols and metaphors hidden in mytho-poetic romantic adventures, I suggest that you read The Bright World of the Gods first, and then The Grail Mysteries.

tbwg-book-cover-3d-brightenedsmall png book cover final

These are actually the first two books of a trilogy, although they work great as standalones too. I haven’t written the third in the series yet.

However, if you feel you need some help with unravelling the meanings of the symbols and metaphors found in ancient myths, my theoretical works are straightforward accounts that explain these Mystery teachings in plain language, so read on.


3D book cover

In Stories in the Stars, you’ll learn that ancient myths are like Trojan horses carrying our ancestors’ voices and wisdom that they hid in astrological and alchemical metaphors.

Over thousands of years, these orally-transmitted wisdom teaching stories have been twisted and bastardised into fake histories in order to serve various and changing political imperatives. Once I’ve taught you how to decode them, you will be able to transform and reincarnate into your own life today.



reclaiming-sovereignty-3d-cover-brightenedReclaiming Sovereignty is largely about the historical and mythological evidence, going back thousands of years, for the practice of shamanic sex magic, otherwise known as the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon, which brought wisdom and enlightenment to the newly-crowned king on the night of his coronation.

Shamanic sex is about the superior intelligence and self empowerment that comes from interacting with beings which inhabit a parallel universe to this one – another dimension – from whom human beings have traditionally gained their wisdom about their place and purpose on Earth and in the cosmos. There is also a step-by-step guide for practising it yourself.



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