The hidden meaning of the centaur bowman of Sagittarius


With the New Moon in Sagittarius today, you may be wondering about the occult meaning of the Centaur Bowman?

The Centaur Bowman as the symbol for Sagittarius is the archetype for the Wounded Healer.

In my book, The Grail Mysteries, you can read about Gwyddion who, as part of the crew of the flying dragon Ormelinda is helping in the quest of Myrddin (Merlin) to bury the talismanic protectors of Sovereignty, the Thirteen Treasures of Britain, around the Glastonbury Zodiac.

Gwyddion is the Celtic Mercury, the Underworld guide for the mythological hero as he faces and heals his inner wounds and then goes through the Judgement at Sagittarius to be reborn at sunrise on the Winter Solstice as the Radiant Child.

Here’s the relevant extract from The Grail Mysteries, in which Ormelinda has reached Sagittarius on the Glastonbury Zodiac:


The Archer of Sagittarius on the Glastonbury Zodiac of 13 earthworks around a 30-mile circle on the Somerset Levels, by Osmund Caine.

Then the long bow arm of the Archer came into view, stretching dead straight along the alignment between Antares and Alderbran, and forming the equinox line of the winter Sun. Ormelinda flew along the line until they reached the Archer’s hand at Green Hill and it was there, on that cold, bleak wintry ground, that Manawydan signalled her to land.
Then Myrddin instructed everyone to sit tight on board the dragon while Gwyddion jumped down to bury the next treasure. He almost slipped on the invisible black ice. The spectators suddenly saw that he was carrying a large recurve bow that resembled a gigantic bird in flight.
“What an extraordinary weapon,” pretty little Sandde called down to him, hoping to hear more about it.
Gwyddion was happy to oblige.
“Another of Bran’s gifts,” he said, holding it up and turning it this way and then that, to give them a better view.
“It’s made from the bones and ligaments of a black crow,” he added.
The elegantly carved bone arrows were fletched with long black crows’ feathers and tipped with sharpened obsidian. The riser – where the arrow is inserted – was a carved head of a black crow with its beak wide open.
“Is it a magical bow?” Sandde asked.
“Just watch,” grinned Gwyddion, as he walked over to put the weapon in the hands of the Archer.
The bowman instantly came to life, took one of the arrows, inserted it into the black crow’s mouth, pulled back the bow and fired.
All eyes followed the arrow as it flew over Park Wood and then on to the Great Bull of Taurus where it pierced its eye.
“Bull’s eye!” shouted an ebullient Myrddin. “Well, I didn’t expect that!” and they all laughed.
“Anyway, I think we’d better retrieve the arrow. Come along, Ormelinda. There’s no time to waste!”
Gwyddion quickly ran back and jumped aboard with only seconds to spare before Ormelinda soared, almost perpendicular, back into the metal grey, overcast skies.
Once airborne, Manawydan brought Embarr alongside Ormelinda’s head to speak to her.
“We’re just following the ecliptic, until we get to the Bull,” he told her.
She nodded sweetly but she knew better.
“It’s not that simple,” she told him. “The arrow hasn’t just pierced the eye of the Bull here but also the Bull’s eye in the Underworld.”
Manawydan groaned.
“Oh no,” he said. “Then it’s lost forever.”

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