Sovereignty, Shamans and Jung

A few years ago, before I wrote Reclaiming Sovereignty, you never heard the word being used. Now I hear the word “Sovereignty” being bandied around about quite a lot and usually being misused.

Sovereignty is not for the individual. It is for the tribe or the nation or however you define the territory of the land you live on. It is a gift from the spirits of the Land in return for work that the shaman does with the ancestors. It is how the shaman dreams new worlds into being. It has always been this way and so when Trump addresses the UN Assembly on the importance of Sovereignty to countries, he is using the term correctly.


I find that those who refer to their “self-sovereignty” are often deluded and are trying to hijack a real spiritual force that underpins the integrity of nations for their own grandiose, self-serving ends. That kind of “sovereignty” will only lead to a world of narcissistic, egocentric individuals – the worst kind of hell, in other words. This is what the Illuminati is, by the way: they all think they are gods who can do what they like to humans.

Imagine a human body in which a cell decides to act on its own volition in line with its own petty desires? That’s cancer.

So individualism is not the answer; rather we need individuation, in which each cell acts in autonomous alignment with its divinely destined “choir”.

As the Swiss analyst and co-worker of Carl Jung, Aniela Jaffé, wrote:

“The way to restore the balance and to guard against inflation and ‘superman mania’ is the unspectacular way of individuation. It is a hard way – in Jung’s sceptical eyes it is far more difficult to follow it and to find oneself than to make a landing on Mars.”

Jung also once described this process of individuation as reincarnating into your own life by making the unconscious mind conscious.

In a society that is essentially disintegrating because it has put a “spiritual” twist on a me-based cancer in the name of a fake, Illuminati-promoted One Love, it takes real love to stand in the truth that you know in your gut is the only way forward for humanity to thrive.

If you’d like to know more, then my book Stories in the Stars is a good starting point and probably the first book of its kind to provide a step-by-step teaching about how you can individuate by making your unconscious conscious and reincarnate into your own life.

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