The Magical Meaning of Halloween

Below is a YouTube video I made in 2015 about the magical energies that prevail and the root traditions that support us to flow with them at this special time. In short, the word Halloween comes from All Hallows Eve, named as such because it celebrates the winning of the Hallows, which are the talismans of Sovereignty to be won by the mythological zodiac hero after he falls into the Underworld at Scorpio.

The ancient Celts used to mark this time, which they called Samhain, to coincide with the Pleiades setting in the night skies. To us, this is a time when we honour all our ‘dead’ – in other words, we remember and celebrate the lives of all our ancestors now living in the Other Worlds.


Remembrance Sunday has been planted deliberately on this special time, in which the dead of the bankers’ perpetual wars are commemorated. In this way, the powers-that-be have robbed us of a very important stage along the Wheel of the Year. They have grafted a celebration of war on to a seasonal ceremony that has great significance for our own ancestral Rivers of Blood. This is not to disrespect those soldiers that gave their lives in these wars, many of whom were our fathers and grandfathers. I’m merely saying Samhain was hijacked from it being a time when we connect with ALL the dead, aka our ancestors, and not just those whose blood still soaks “the fields of Flanders”.

These days, we’re starting to celebrate Samhain properly again and by listening to this broadcast, you’ll hear how you can also benefit magically and spiritually from what’s at play cosmologically during this very special turn of the Wheel of the Year.

Listen to the video here:

You can read more about the journey around the Wheel of the mythological zodiac hero in my book Stories in the Stars.

annieAnnie Dieu-Le-Veut is a shaman and story archaeologist who digs up the originals of these epic tales that were drawn in the glittering night skies of the last Ice Age. She brushes them off and then breaks down their meanings in the simplest of terms, so that we can unlock the doors of our perception with their metaphorical keys.

Once we understand the substance of the messages our ancestors left for us thousands of years ago, we realise the value and meaning of human life and finally know what to do with it.

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