Kanye West, Trump and “the hero’s journey”

What did Kanye West mean when he said that Trump was “on his hero’s journey?” And who’s that woman?


Kanye West was referring of course to the message of the book The Hero With a Thousand Faces in which the mythologist Joseph Campbell laid out his thesis that all protoganists in ancient myths followed a similar path of trials and tribulations in order to become the conquering hero who reincarnates into his own life. This is a metaphor that we can all apply to give meaning to our own lives. However, what Campbell didn’t identify, and what I’ve explained in my book Stories in the Stars, is that the hero’s path was astrological and alchemical with three water initiations and three fire initiations on the way. It is also spread across the Three Realms of the shaman and the World Tree – Upper, Middle and Lower.

From the very earliest myths available to us, such as The Epic of Gilgamesh, and with a trained eye, we can discern that the hero traverses first the polar stars, to win the Cauldron of the Wise. Then in later stories probably dating from the Agricultural Revolution onwards, the hero follows the Wheel of the zodiac beginning at Aries – the same time when Alexandrian alchemists would begin their seven-staged operations that led to the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon, which is symbolised by the Vesica Piscis.

Vesica Piscis

The hero is always a male. When women do feature in these stories, they are usually a form of Venus who’s there to support the hero, to bring order out of the seeming chaos around him, which is actually infinite Love but terrifying in its vast complexity to the human mind if not structured and organised. What we call myths – which they illustrated by drawing them out in the glittering stars above – were the means by which women storytellers brought structure and meaning to the lives of the young men in their care.

The hero first meets the guiding woman at Taurus as the Goddess of Fortune, and then again when she initiates him sexually at Libra. All of this is explained in my book, Stories in the Stars: What our ancestors were trying to tell us.

Of course, this is not a message that the Women’s Movement is likely to take onboard anytime soon. But it is a philosophy that led to a thriving human race for hundreds of thousands of years, led by Wise Ones who managed to hand on a pristine jewel of a planet to succeeding generations, which is more than can be said of us!

Anyway, did you notice that beautiful African-American woman sitting next to Kanye West? She looked to me like she’d just stepped out of a Greek myth about a great Amazonian warrior queen.

Mythological women are strong, clever and brave fighters  – but they use their strength, intelligence and courage to bolster, guide and protect their men. She doesn’t do this out of some sort of weak, co-dependant-style, blind pathological altruism but because she knows that standing by your man ultimately and holistically supports the whole of the human race of which she is ultimately Mother.

Next up, Dolly Parton!! 😉


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