Stories in the Stars – how to reincarnate into your own life

If asked to describe,  in just seven words, the major gift you would glean from my book, Stories in the Stars, I would answer: “how to reincarnate into your own life.” That may seem a strange response, but please read on to find out why.

It’s because you would learn that ancient myths are actually the vessels or arks of our ancestors sailing the seas of Time and containing, deep in their submarinal holds, precious messages about our innate holographic relationship to eternal astrological and alchemical cycles which drive each of us along our life’s path.

You will then realise that, over thousands of years, these orally-transmitted wisdom teaching stories have been twisted and bastardised into fake histories in order to serve various and changing political imperatives. And that they have been concertinaed, truncated and dumbed-down to satisfy the appetites of light entertainment through the shifting narratives, over time, of the mytho-industrial complex.

I’m a sort of story archaeologist who digs up the originals of these epic tales that were drawn in the glittering night skies of the last Ice Age. I brush them off and then break down their meanings in the simplest of terms, so that we can unlock the doors of our perception with their metaphorical keys.

Once we understand the substance of the messages our ancestors left for us thousands of years ago, we realise the value and meaning of human life, and finally know what to do with it.

Yuri 3 worlds
An illustration from Stories in the Stars, by Glastonbury artist and author Yuri Leitch, showing the cosmological mindset of Alexandrian astrologers and alchemists around the first century BCE, with the Three Realms of the World Tree as a process of the Vesica Piscis set within the constellations of inner space.
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