Looney Tunes World – courtesy of the Left

In my latest book, Stories in the Stars, I break down and reinterpret the original Tuscan folktale from which Disney took his inspiration for his classic animated movie of Pinocchio. In this much older story, Pinocchio (meaning “pine-eye” or pineal gland) goes through many adventures and each one matches the trials or labours of the zodiac hero of ancient myths. One of these challenges, at Libra, finds the wooden puppet brought before the court and then clapped in jail, for the crime of having his five golden coins stolen. Utter madness, you might think, and “what a topsy-turvy world!” to penalise the victim of the crime rather than the perpetrator. Well, I agree. But it is exactly the sort of world we’ll all be living in shortly if the Left are allowed to prevail.


Take, for example, Stefan Molyneux’s recent speaking tour of Australia, with Lauren Southern, which attracted violent riots that were led by Antifa who were insisting Molyneux was a racist and a white supremacist. This meant that the police had to be mobilised, to stand between frothing-at-the-mouth Antifa thugs and those legitimately and quietly queuing with tickets for his talks. So guess who had to foot the bill for all that extra policing! Not Antifa. Not mega-rich-as-muck George Soros, who funds Antifa. No. Stefan Molyneux was handed the bill for policing which came to hundreds of thousands of dollars. He managed in the end to beat them down to $60,000, but still, if he had refused to pay them anything, he would have ended up in jail – just like Pinocchio.

Stefan couldn’t get into New Zealand at all – even though his tour was booked to go there. He was officially “deplatformed”. But it didn’t surprise me. I have a Kiwi friend who once sadly described his native land as “a paedophile ring purporting to be a country.” Ours is not much different, and that’s what the hatred and violence of the Left is all about, whether these “helpful idiots” realise it or not – and mostly they don’t. It is about protecting the highly lucrative trade in children across open borders, to sell at top dollar to paedophiles and those who like to torture toddlers to death, some of whom occupy the highest rungs of society.

But this is just one example of the Looney Tunes world we’ll all be living in if the Marxist Left are allowed to prevail. Another example is those silly feminist wimmin who stand on the docks with banners announcing “Refugees Welcome” when most of those migrants disembarking are from a religion that aggressively pursues Female Genital Mutilation, and they would have her clit cut off in a trice. Some of these ladies even helpfully signal their willingness for such by wearing a pink knitted pussy on their heads, and then march behind Linda Sarsour of the Islamic Hezbollah and Hamas for “women’s rights”.

The Left also supports the gay agenda, yet in a recent poll of those in the “religion of peace”, more than 52% said that they were anti homosexuality because it is against their creed. They are quite right; it is – and at least they are not suffering from cognitive dissonance, which will give them the edge against anyone who stands in their way.

I could go on …the madness of the Left seems to be growing faster than Topsy every day with newer and even more bizarre claims coming to the fore. And all that’s standing between these guys turning our world into a global Crazy Town and our sanity is Donald Trump. Like him or lump him, that’s the reality. He is the only one acting against the child traffickers. So I think those who are not going to vote for his party in the mid-term elections probably should undergo some form of FGM, or have their genitals removed, one way or another, because we really don’t want people breeding who are so stupid that they have no idea when their community, tribe and nation is under attack and even worse, welcome in the invaders.

thats all


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