John Kerry and Stormy Daniels: now starring in a Plato’s Cave near you – one week only!

CNN alongside many other mainstream media outlets are today reporting that John Kerry has been conducting “shadow diplomacy” with Iran in order to salvage the deal that he put together with the Majilis, and which President Trump is about to rip up.

However, the “shadow diplomacy” of John Kerry and the shady antics of Stormy Daniels are just a part of a two-handed, Punch and Judy shadow theatre to distract from the enormous success of President Trump’s peace deal with North and South Korea, and the fact that he’s got the economy booming again with unemployment now the lowest it’s been for years.

From our vantage point in the cheap seats of the auditorium as we watch the shadows flickering on the wall of Plato’s Cave, we are now waking up or at least enough to turn around to see the puppet masters behind us in the shadows, and to realise that “shadow diplomacy” is just a euphemism for “high treason”.

“Shadow diplomacy” can only be conducted by a shadow government, aka the Deep State aka the Swamp.  Kerry is colluding with a foreign power against the policies, and the sovereign interests, of the United States, while simultaneously there is no evidence that President Trump colluded with the Russians over the 2016 election and yet this is still the mainstream narrative.

If there was any justice, John Kerry would be brought back to the States and charged under the Logan Act – the same Act that the Swamp tried to get General Mike Flynn under, Trump’s first National Security Adviser.

If the original Iran deal that Kerry is trying to save was such a good one, then why was it sealed with plane-loads of suitcases stuffed with used and dog-eared notes in various currencies? The state those notes were in, it was as if they’d raided the donation boxes of all their so-called “charitable foundations”. Why did these billions not go through the banking system? Because they didn’t want to leave a paper trail, right? They didn’t want anyone to know.

Meanwhile, the Deep State puppets of the fakestream media bang on and on about Stormy Daniels, whose failing career as a porn artist has suddenly taken off again since the hype about her one-night stand with Trump a decade ago. To cater for an audience that still hasn’t quite shaken off its Puritan pilgrim prudishness, she’s spread-eagled across the papers and magazines with a Barbie-like bum that’s been almost airbrushed out of existence.



Well, you can say what you like about President Trump – at least he gets people back to work again!

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