Life on Mars – pushing back against the Transhuman Agenda

It seems that we’re about to enter some extremely interesting times because the world powers are rearranging themselves, according to Alex Jones and Zach who are close to the thinking of the White House.

Elon Musk’s launch of the Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket to be shot into space since the Moon shuttles, signalled the beginning of the Age of the Human. It carried a red Tesla car with a human mannequin “driving it” and a David Bowie track, Life on Mars, playing on a loop. Highly symbolic.

The Falcon, who hunts by day, was sending a message to the night-hunting Moloch Owls of Bohemian Grove, in other words, those in recent decades who’ve created enormous black holes in the Pentagon budget in order to bring in a world ruled by a super-intelligent computer. Their aim was to develop technology that would make man more bionic, like a cyborg or a robot. It was known as the Transhuman Agenda.


Robot is a Czech word and it means slave. The One World Order was intended to be a two-tier system with the lower tier, us, being ruled under communism.

 The Transhuman Agenda is already well underway, beginning with the ‘smart agenda’ and its irresistable glittering novelties – smart phones, smart meters, Wi-Fi, smart houses, smart cars and robots like Alexa – to get us addicted to their “sweets”.

The addiction is deliberate and engendered in the brain by the flickering of the screens – mobile phone, telly and computer. Covert ‘black budget’ experiments have been carried out on primates who were strapped in front of TVs to ascertain which flicker rates kept their attention, and other biological factors were measured at the same time, along with brain scans.
The ‘smart agenda’ is just beginning of the Transhuman Agenda, and it was probably why China was given the rights to most of the world’s mineral resources, because they needed the copper and lithium to create the technology. They don’t care if it fries our brains because then there’s less for them to have to remove when they turn us into cyborgs.

President Donald Trump is going in the opposite direction; he wants an Age of the Human, an optimistic age of man being independent and full of enterprising ideas that would benefit us all. As he said soon after his inauguration, man should look to the stars. I now realise that this was both metaphoric and literal. He was laying down the guantlet to the New World Order globalists who are led by China.

So all that AI (Artificial Intelligence) money is going to dry up soon. Instead, the new human America hopes to be gradually moving into alliance with Russia and India, while pulling back its troops in dozens of countries around the world that were under the control of the globalists and poised for One World total global dominance.

The whole Russian nonsense narrative, coming from the globalists, was a Chinese-motivated attack by those in Washington who are line with the One World Order Chinese. The UN, along with the EU, are also in the pockets of the Chinese who already do have hundreds of millions working in their slave factories surrounded by suicide nets because so many workers prefer death.

China is also allied with Pakistan – and that explains a lot!

If it comes down to it, which I think it will, of a question of being allied with India or Pakistan, I would choose India any day of the week, because Islam is not India’s state religion; they are mainly Hindus and they are peaceful people. A lot of Indians here voted for Brexit – probably because they could see this country becoming like their own before partition, before all the Muslims were moved to Pakistan.

I’d also be happy to be allied with Russia because Putin is vehemently anti-communist, and they are a Christian country like our own. In fact, all round, genetically and culturally, they are much more like us than the Chinese and Pakistanis. They have also been fighting the Rothschilds and the New World Order for some time, and succeeding.

However, the EU – and thus the quislings at Westminster – are in bed with China and Pakistan. So I think that we should expect some turbulence over the next few years as the world rearranges itself. I’m just looking forward to how they’re going to find a way to call us racists if we go pro-India!

If you’d like to know about the Transhuman Agenda, here’s an article that I wrote six years ago about it: Replanting the Wasteland of the Transhuman Agenda.

Annie Dieu-Le-Veut is a shaman who writes about the historical origin and meaning of ancient myths along with Earth Magic and Sovereignty. Her books include Reclaiming Sovereignty, The Bright World of the Gods and The Grail Mysteries.