Shamanic training with me in 2018

This wonderful poem by Amara Bronwyn MacEachern Hollow Bones sums up, in a nutshell, everything about the specialised shamanic path that I write and teach about.

We locked up our wisdom into our bones
And swallowed the keys
They sank in our rivers of blood
And we forgot the maps
Because we had to forget the mysteries
To keep them safe.
We wove our hair into brooms
And swept over our paths
And then burned the earth with our rage
We didn’t teach our children
It was the only way to protect them,
we thought
But in them we planted seeds, seeds and keys
And told them stories and riddles and songs
With no roots, just tangled threads
That would take years to unwind
Just enough time
For the rains to fall again
and put out the fires
For the dams to break
For the rivers to flood
For the paths
to be walked again
For the soil to breathe
And as the old bones crumble
Deep beneath the rubble
We find we’ve always had the keys
Our stories and our maps
Our paths are revealed to some
And the seeds grow again
The threads are unspun
And woven again.

I’m hearing more from people now who are using my books for their own continued development in shamanic training. If you’d like to do that too, or even if you’re a pure beginner to this form of shamanic healing, can I suggest that you start with Reclaiming Sovereignty and then go on to The Bright World of the Gods and then The Grail Mysteries? You can just jump in wherever you like, and they do still make sense. But for a stepped progression, it’s best to build your foundation with Reclaiming Sovereignty, which also has some practical techniques in Part II to get you started.

I no longer advertise or do workshops because I prefer to work one-on-one with individuals who I feel have been sent to me for this special Sovereignty work in which I’ve been schooled by the Spirits of the Land. If, after you’ve read my books, you feel that this is you, please do get in touch and we’ll discuss it.

I can initiate you into shamanic practice if you haven’t already been initiated; if you are initiated and have a year or so of shamanic experience under your belt, we can go straight into the more advanced work.

You will need to be able to spend at least a weekend, preferably longer, or a series of weekends, here in Somerset and I can recommend some great B&Bs. I’m very flexible and can work around your needs.

It’s best to come after the Spring Equinox when the Land is not so wet and muddy and the trees are starting to bud and bloom.

So if you’d like to train with me, please email me at and tell me about yourself and why you’d like my specific training. Also do send me your phone number and a good time for you to talk and then I’ll give you a ring to chat further to see if you’re suitable for this work and then we can figure out some dates to suit us both.