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Reclaiming Sovereignty: Shamanic Earth Magic

By Annie Dieu-Le-Veut


Reclaiming Sovereignty is the most recent edition of The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar. Both are the same book with different covers.

3D smaller-Ishtar

Learn all about how Sovereignty was shamanically-sparked in ancient times by shamanic sexual practises and sacred rites by shamans and high priestesses. Find out how they were in touch with the spirits of the land and thus were able to transmit their wisdom to the king or pharaoh in sacred sex rites during his coronation night. These became known as the Sovereignty rites, because they fired up the king’s higher brain centres, giving him a superior intelligence and thus the ability and the right to reign. The crown that he wore on his head was only a symbol to show how the crown in his cranium had been illuminated within.

Our ancestors have left us magical keys in their orally-transitted myths which, like messages in a bottle, can help us find the way to spark up that wisdom again, in ourselves.

In Part 1, you’ll learn about the historical and mythological references that underpin this occult understanding about Sovereignty, and in Part 2, you will be able to follow a practical step-by-step guide to getting in touch with the spirit of Sovereignty through shamanic sex. Then in Part 3, you will discover, through learning about Earth magic, the truth of the saying: “He who controls the reins of the land, reigns over the land.”

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Buy The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar with one third off here on US Amazon

Buy The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar with one third off here on UK Amazon


The Grail Mysteries

by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

small png book cover final

Shamanic sex magic is vital for sparking the Sovereignty and wisdom of the man or woman within, and it used to be that a king would spend the night of his coronation with a hierodule, or sacred prostitute, who initiated him.

Sometimes, these hierodules were made queens. Legend tells us that Kiya became Pharaoh Akhenaten’s wife after he fell in love with the aroma of her hair on his coronation night. However, whether or not such women are ever officially enthroned, they are always the true queens of the land. If you were to study the etymology of the word ‘queen’, you would likely come to the same view.

So part of The Grail Mysteries is about a middle-aged prostitute, in fifth century Britain, who discovers that she comes from a long line of hierodules and is thus a true queen of the Blessed Isles.

As we follow her awakening, we also benefit from the Virgo Teachings that she receives and, in this way, we learn that a true queen is not necessarily one who is anointed with oil on her forehead by the Archbishop of Canterbury. It is one who carries the faery blood and who is anointed by the nectars that flow from the actions of the black and gold serpents during shamanic sex magic with the divine.

A true queen does not necessarily wear a crown on her head and when she does, it is only to symbolise that the crown in her cranium has been fired up by the ignition sparked after the red and white serpentine drops have fallen on to her pineal gland or Third Eye, and her Inner Sun has risen within her.

In this way, a true queen holds the Sovereignty of the nation, which has been passed into her safekeeping by the spirits of the land. Only a true queen can make a king who is fit to rule.

What else is in this book?

The Grail Mysteries is a sequel to The Bright World of the Gods, by the same author, although you don’t have to have read that to enjoy this one!

It charts the continuation of the love story between Arawn, the Lord of the Underworld, and Elen, the Upper World spirit, who have taken human form on Earth. We also join Myrddin (Merlin), Taliesin, Manawydan, Creiddylad, Gwyddion, Arianrhod and the eight dwarves in their quest to bury the Thirteen Treasures of Britain. All this, despite the best efforts of the Eye of Soros, Bricriu of the Poison Tongue and Vlak the Dragon Slayer, who are furiously trying to steal the Sovereignty of the Isles of the Blessed.

You will also hear Taliesin’s moving rendition of an original Mabinogion myth about how a huge and bitter gulf came about between Ireland and Britain – a gulf that is still yet to be bridged properly and which led to the head of the giant king Bran being buried in the land, for protection.

Read more here about The Grail Mysteries by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

small png book cover final

Get The Grail Mysteries here on US Amazon
Get The Grail Mysteries with one third off here on UK Amazon


The Bright World of the Gods: A true faery story from Avalon

By Annie Dieu-Le-Veut


The Bright World of the Gods is a sister book to The Grail Mysteries that was gifted into the shaman author’s Dreamtime by the spirits of the land that inhabit the other dimensions permeating the Vale of Avalon, in Somerset, England. These spirits are known locally as the Gentle Folk, or the Fae, although you might know them better as faeries. So this is a real faery story for enlightened adults from a benevolent Elder race whose role it is to guide the steps of humanity.

You can just enjoy this helter-skelter, fairground ride of a romantic magical mystery tour around the Glastonbury Temple of the Stars and go no deeper. But for those looking for faery doorways into deeper cosmological teachings, all the keys are here, in the underlayers, and they also come with instructions on how to unlock them.

The Bright World of the Gods is a triskele knot of a tale, based on ancient Celtic myths that the Gentle Folk helped the author to unravel and reconstruct into a more shamanic, multi-dimensional Dreamscape.

The whole macrocosm of the All That Is can never be understood by the finite mind. But in these multi-dimensional adventures of the astrological hero and heroine, Gwyn ap Nudd and Bridie, through the microcosm, which is its fractal holographic reflection, you will be able to better envision the whole beyond the shrouded horizon.

So just relax and wander through its enchanted hills and dales – and meet with Cerridwen, Arawn the Lord of the Underworld, Gwyddion and Arianrhod – to experience this faery tale permeating into your own inner landscapes and Dreamtime, so that it can do its magic there and give you insights into your own destiny, and the meaning of your life.

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