The madness of Michel Barnier

The EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier and David Davis gave a joint press conference today on progress, so far, on the EU negotiations. Seems there’s not much progress because it’s being held up by the EU’s opening Mickey Mouse demand that EU citizens living here remain under EU law after we’ve Brexited.


EU Brexit negotiator Barnier holds a news conference in Brussels

So how about this?

Let’s ask all those EU citizens who are living here, and give them the choice. The choice is that they either live under our laws, and then they’re welcome to stay, or if they say they don’t want to live under our laws, then we drive them to the airport.

This is so basic, I cannot believe that David Davis is even taking Barnier’s opening gambit seriously. It is not a serious opening position. It’s a joke.

Every country in the world has its own laws that those who live there agree to live under. Every single country. There is no country in the world where some citizens live under one set of laws, and another section of the population is living under another set of laws. It’s crazy town!

I can hardly believe that this has to be spelled out to David Davis and co. Michel Barnier must have lost his marbles and so you don’t have to take a madman seriously.

It is not unreasonable to say that those who don’t want to live under our laws – and that includes those who want to live under Sharia Law – should return to those countries where the legal system they prefer holds sway. Or they can stay here under our laws. The choice is their’s.

If Monsieur Barnier cannot understand this basic principle, then I think it’s time to walk away and go straight to WTO rules.