The Game – and how to win it

There’s a wonderful term in chess – zugswang. You’re in zugswang when you’re forced to move although any move you make will land you in jeopardy. So what do you do when you’re in zugswang? Well, I think you move the battle into another dimension and, in this blog article, I will explain how.

The Crystal Zugswang by Ruslan Kadiev

So let’s go back to the events of recent weeks.

First of all, in order to understand what happened during the General Election, you have to understand the Game of the Deep State.

The Game is about the battle going on between the two teams that make up much – but importantly, not all – of the Deep State. The aim of the two teams – Red and White – is to enrich their sponsors within the one per cent elite, to give them the most power on the world stage.

This is why you often hear the saying “Whoever you vote for, the government always gets in” and why politicians regularly and seemingly unabashedly break all the promises that they made on the campaign trail once they attain high office. In fact, Donald Trump is the first ever politician that I can remember who has single-mindedly and determinedly delivered on his promises to the people. It’s an educated guess that that is because Trump is not a member of either these two teams, the Reds and the Whites, who make up The Game.

So the false dichotomy that the fakestream media-brainwashed electorate is presented with is this:

  • You can either back the rich man’s party to benefit from the crumbs of their banqueting table – i.e. trickle-down capitalism. However, trickle-down capitalism no longer works because the rich are saving their crumbs in tax-empt offshore bank accounts.  So who’s next down the pecking order? The middle classes of course, which, outside of the big, metro-lib cities, is largely made up of older people who benefitted at least enough during the boom times to buy their own homes – and that’s who Theresa May had decided to fleece, according to her now infamous manifesto, which many of us saw through.
  • Or you can vote for the party that ostensibly supports the poor – although why Corbyn’s lot would want to enact any policies that would have the effect of reducing the size of their voter base, by making them richer, is a question that never gets asked. (Read more in my article Why Does The Left Hate The Poor?). So they believe nice, cuddly, avuncular Corbyn  – especially the young people – when he offers them loads of free stuff that we know from his own Mickey Mouse figures, he could never pay for. And so why offer it? Well, first of you can offer whatever you like if you know that you’re never going to get into power. Perhaps this ought to be known from now on as the Bernie Sanders’ Lotsa Free Stuff Strategy because many in America fell for it too. But secondly, the only way he could have paid for at least some of it was to fleece the middle-class – see how this works now? I don’t mean just fleece them with a Garden Tax either. He would have also been able to run up huge government debts with the big banks who would be only too happy for extend loans on whopping rates of interest that would have to be paid by guess who? Yep, the middle classes.

 Communism would be a wonderful thing if its aim was to make everyone equally rich. Unfortunately, the aim of the operators of this political system is to make everyone equally poor.

In this last election, we could see something of The Game, hidden in plain sight, and what its intended agenda really is – a two tier corpocracy with a huge gap between the rich and the poor, and nothing in-between.  So perhaps now we can start to use our intelligence about how to play them back. And we are beginning to do that – it’s almost as if a starting whistle has been blown in recent days and many new grassroots groups are sprouting forth with alternative templates for a proper democratic government in this country which would support the good and welfare of all.

How to get out of zugswang

I didn’t vote at all last Thursday, because I realised that we were in zugswang. I didn’t want Brexit at any cost. The spirit of Sovereignty resides in the people, and so I felt to accept an attack on the wellbeing of the people in exchange for it would be tantamount to doing a deal with the Devil – and as we know, those sort of deals never work out well.

The proposed draconian cuts to the welfare of the needy, the old and the poor that were spelled out in the Tory manifesto, not to mention “the snooper’s charter” and fracking, was for me, in the end, too high a price to pay. In addition, I  could never support any political party that puts on Rocky Horror Show false flags, to try to deceive the people.

On Thursday last, Theresa May’s Red team learned its lesson the hard way – that Sovereigns are not necessarily right wing and actually come from a broad political spectrum. We want what we believe is best for this country, and that means independence from foreign interference, and the empowerment of our nation to run our own affairs.

I still do believe in the spirit of Sovereignty and I know it’s still alive in the people. But it is a spirit and somewhat like a golden dragon in that it’s not left wing or right wing – it’s the full Big Bird that will fly us out of this dimension, where we’re stuck in zugswang, to create a new Game. Some of you may not understand the metaphor I’m using here, but I think you will in the months to come as the new politics unfolds.

More later – much more, I promise!

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