Know Your Deep State

You’re wondering why everything is so confusing right now and even if you’re given the opportunity to vote, or to support a political party, you don’t know who to back?

That’s probably because the Deep State, which all over all the political parties like a nasty rash, is actually now at war with itself. It’s really nothing much to do with us cannon-fodder except if we can figure out who is going to promote our best interests, at least we will know who to cheer from the sidelines as these two primeval monsters slug it out.

So let’s call them the Red Team and the White Team. The Red Team represents the House of Rothschild (red shield) and the White Team represents the Rockerfellers.

The Red Team are:

The Rothschilds

London/Hong Kong financiers

What’s left of the British Empire

Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (British monarchy)

Venetian Black Nobility

Austro-Hungarian Aristocracy

Rupert Murdoch

Some intelligence agencies

The White Team are:

The Rockerfellers



Transnational bankers


The current Pope

George Soros

Hollywood/mainstream media

NEO Cons (in both parties)

Never Trumpers


CIA/NSA (also divided)

As if that wasn’t complicated enough there are also some uber-rich and influential old families known as the Astors, the Keswicks, the Flemings, the Grosvenors and the Mathesons, who are currently overlighting the White Team, but I think they can switch sides at will.

For instance, the former British PM David Cameron is married to an Astor. He definitely married up!

So who do we vote for? Well, there are MPs and representatives of all the political parties that have been compromised or somehow bought off into the Red team and the White team, and it doesn’t always necessarily divide neatly down party lines.

But generally speaking, the Tories and the Republicans (apart from the Neo-Cons) are in the Red team, and Labour and the Lib Dems and the US Democrats are in the White team. I haven’t a clue about UKIP, the Greens or the Libertarian Party.

The Red team are currently backing Donald Trump, not because these uber-rich folks necessarily care about what’s right, but because they know that Trump’s domestic policies will fatten the goose of the US. For instance, Rupert Murdoch is now supporting Trump because he knows that he can’t attract a left-wing audience to his media outlets, so he wants the right wing to prevail. For him, it’s purely business. Israel also backs the Red team, because the White team hates the Jews and would like ISIS, their creation, to wipe out as many Jews and Christians as possible.

The White team doesn’t want the goose of the USA fattened. They are using fake news, propaganda and disinformation to bring down Trump, to stop him making America ‘great again’, so that they can turn the country into Venezuela.

Comrade Corbyn has had his marching orders to turn Britain into the same sorry state and a quick way to achieve that end is to flood the country with illiterate and unskilled migrants.

I hope this helps!

Thanks to Daniel Estulin, author of:

  • The True Story of the Bilderberg Group. 2007. Revised and Expanded North American Union Edition 2009. Updated and Expanded edition 2017. Walterville
  • Shadow Masters: How Governments And Their Intelligence Agencies Are Working With Drug Dealers And Terrorists For Mutual Benefit And Profit. Walterville, OR, USA: Trine Day. 2010.
  • Deconstructing Wikileaks. Walterville, OR, USA: Trine Day. 2012.
  • The Octopus Deception: A Novel. Walterville, OR, USA: Trine Day. 2013.
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