Woman in Gold – a metaphor for knowing your enemy

I watched Helen Mirren last night in Woman In Gold, the story of how an Austrian women recovered her family’s portrait of her aunt Adele, the woman in question who was painted by Gustav Klimt for this stunning masterpiece in gold leaf that had been stolen during World War Two by the Nazis.

I found the film to be very moving, and it hit me on so many levels because it brought up parallel issues in our situation today. So please forgive me for breaking Godwin’s Law in highlighting these.

woman in gold

There are alternative theories about what Hitler and the Nazis did and their motivations for the “Holocaust”, which all comes under the heading of “Holocaust Denial”. Holocaust Denial is mainly an argument which purports that Hitler was actually going against the Rothschilds in refusing to allow their central bank in Germany. It’s also about the numbers (was it really six million?) and about how these Jews (and gays and gipsies) really died.

Be that as it may, what cannot be denied, and what I was reminded of last night, was how easily ordinary people can be brainwashed by the Deep State to transform from previously reasonable and peaceful neighbours into petty tyrants and name-calling bullies of their fellow citizens.

There is no doubt that the Jews were harrassed and hounded by ordinary Germans. They had to wear yellow stars; they were forced to paint Juden on their own shop windows; they had to get down on their knees to scrub the pavements with acid – all in front of jeering crowds. And then they were finally packed into cattle trucks and sent to concentration camps where they were treated like slave labour, in factories and mines, and in which many of them starved or froze to death.

This all happened – it cannot be denied, and it is shameful. But we can learn from history because it provides a valuable lesson to all of us about how the Deep State always wins – if we would but learn it.

The Deep State globalists don’t win because they are stronger than us; they win because of our weakness.

This weakness is about how easily our egos are manipulated and to become so brainwashed that we don’t see the shutting down of free speech on university campuses, or violence against a rightfully elected president, or enforced population replacement, or the setting of a policeman on fire, or jihadi terrorism, or the protection of paedophiles and others who break the law for what it is – fascism. Instead, those mind-controlled, dumbed-down bullies will label those who are pointing out these injustices as fascist, racist or xenophobic, as they have been trained to do.

They need to understand that the real enemy is not their fellow citizens but the banking cabal that is led by the Rothschilds, Rockerfellers and others. Yes, those families happen to be Jewish – or at least to claim Jewish descendency as Ashkenazi Jews and Zionists. But it is they, with their phony trillions of dollars, that use the EU, the UN and Nato to cause all the wars. They play both sides, and they happily sell out their “own people”, the Jews, to achieve their goals.

It is this cabal that controls the mainstream media, which is slowly turning our young people into gender-confused, sexually-promiscious, politically correct narcissists with short term memories that glamourise crime and violence. So we are now ripe for the picking by the latest proxy armies of the Rothschild machine – those who have been easily persuaded to despise us because they believe that what they see on our televisions and movie screens reflects typical Western values.

I feel that until we become intelligent enough to recognise and concentrate our efforts on the real enemy, and not each other, we will continue to be used as cannon fodder in this internecine warfare by a globalist cabal whose members are laughing at us, all the way to the bank. I feel that Klimt knew all about this – hence the pyramids and single eyes.

In the meantime, and amidst all the name calling, I seem to have grown another skin –  one more metallic, perhaps? Maybe it is a skin of gold, who knows? But all the verbal arrows are bouncing off me now. Another metaphor, perhaps!

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