The War on Gender, Part 2 – Weaponised Constructs

Facebook now has 38 genders for a member to choose from. The sanctury city of New York recognises even more of these artificially invented pronouns  – e.g. ne, ve, ey, xe, nir, nem – to support the false notion that gender is fluid.

Obviously this is a load of nonsense – a construct that has no basis in biological reality – which is why the only way it can be rammed through into public acceptance is via political correctness and language fascism.

Here I interview transsexual Claire Rae Randall on the subject. This follows on from our earlier talk in February, which was mainly about a Private Members’ Bill that Maria Miller MP is quietly sneaking through the UK Parliament that will provide a legal basis for making transgender toilets mandatory in the UK.

Claire is uniquely placed to share her perspective on these issues because she went through full medical sex reassignment 30 years ago. She has a degree in psychology, has studied biological psychology and she also had a front row seat in observing how the transgender agenda was developed to be a weapon in the war against the family and sexual identity at the Leeds University Gender Studies department, a place that we believe to be Ground Zero in the gender wars in the UK.  She is currently writing a book titled The War on Gender.

Claire makes the point strongly that she, and many transsexuals like her, do NOT want to change the normal gender basis of society from the binary male-female, while the transgender agenda does.

You can also listen to a Radio 3Fourteen interview with Claire Rae Randall here on this same subject on her You Tube channel. Cultural Marxist Model of Sexuality & Biology of Gender Dysphoria.

Annie Dieu-Le-Veut is a shaman and the author of The Bright World of the Gods, and Reclaiming Sovereignty: Shamanic Earth Magic.