What Trump is really doing in Syria

I’m noticing a fair amount of angst around from people who should and would know better if their heads weren’t so far up their arses, because they thought Trump was going to be a pacifist president.

They had no reason to think that. Trump has never shown any sign of being a pacifist or appeaser, but hey-ho, wishful thinking and unicorns and rainbows are so much more fun, right?

Trump has sent the American troops into Syria to destroy ISIS. In other words, he is just doing what he has been continuously saying he would do from at least this time last year, on the campaign trail, and most recently in his speech to Congress only two weeks ago in which he promised to wipe radical Islam off the face of the Earth.

To invade Syria, he doesn’t have to notify Congress, or work through any other delaying measures which would tip off the enemy that he’s coming – especially as many of the enemy are in the current CIA and State Department.

So although you won’t hear this from your televisions, this is what Trump is really doing in Syria.


Most of the women I know are fainting with relief that at last a man has finally found his cojones enough to take on this evil which is spreading like a cancer right into Europe. He also spoke to Saudi Arabia about getting their help in setting up safe zones in Syria, for the refugees to return to, and he got them to agree. But first of all, he has to clear the place of ISIS, because that’s who the refugees were running from and NOT Assad, as the BBC and CNN would have you believe.

The neo-cons like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, are shitting bricks over Trump’s intervention because he’s upsetting their cosy little scam they had going on with ISIS, who along with Hillary and Obama, made sure that Qatar and the Emerites trained them, and armed them with nice American Stinger missiles and Humvee trucks and other goodies.

john mccain
John McCain
Lindsey Graham
Lindsey Graham

So this is not business as usual – it’s business by someone who really knows how to do business.

I know pacifists would like Trump to be the ‘peace President’ but he has always said that he believes in ‘peace through strength’, not ‘peace through appeasement’ that was Obama’s do-nothing-and-hope-the-nasty-bogie-man goes away strategy – which has gone so well, right?

Freedom is never free – it always has to be fought for. This is the lesson my generation is finding it hard to accept because we’ve been brainwashed to only value peace.