The War on Gender – Transgender Loos in the UK

It will come as a surprise to many readers to hear that the legislation to underpin bringing in compulsory transgender toilets in the UK is quietly tip-toeing through Parliament, courtesy of Maria Miller MP.

It will come as even more of a shock to learn that the legislation will allow anyone to change their sexual identity at whim and even if only just for one day.

Just like with TTIP, no-one has been allowed to see the text of her Private Members Bill, but judging from the articles she’s writing,  along with the evidence that Miller has provided to the Women and Equalities Select Committee, it seems that she thinks that gender ought to be regarded as fluid, like water and flow back and forth – and that we should all “challenge binary constraints”.

This kind of indoctrination is already being introduced into schools and colleges in the UK, with the headmistress of St Paul’s School for Girls in London proudly claiming that already 10 of her sixth-form girls have already decided that they identify as boys, or even to have no gender at all, and that’s all considered to be OK – never mind the biology, which is ignored.

In this video, I chat about this with Claire Rae Randall who is a transexual, and who is writing a book called The War on Gender. Claire went through full medical sex reassignment about 30 years ago. She has a degree in psychology, has studied biological psychology and has also been associated with the Gender Studies department of Leeds University where much of the Cultural Marxist programming of the gender agenda was intellectually developed.

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