Trump’s first ten glorious days!

The last ten days have been extraordinarily wonderful and exhilarating for us Sovereigns because, for the first time in our lives, the leader of the Western World is a brilliant strategist who speaks the truth, doesn’t take any prisoners, fires those who won’t support him and works 20 hours a day doing what he said that he was going to do for us, the people, on the campaign trail to restore Sovereignty.

Even Chuck Schumer’s fake tears over the Middle Eastern visa bans didn’t move him. In other words, he’s a real man! Phew!


On top of that, we’re not shut out of all the fun. President Trump is handing the power back to people by letting us enjoy what must be the Greatest Show on Earth. We follow his intrepid deeds on the internet, where he talks to us over the heads of the fakestream press, and then we hug ourselves in delight as each of his pronouncements causes audible gasps of disgust and hatred and the most delicious wailing and gnashing of teeth from the regressive globalists.

Health warning

If all of the above hasn’t sent you puce with nausea and reaching for the smelling salts, then you might enjoy my new video about all this and much more, including what’s driving us Sovereigns.

The Bright World of the Gods

A real faery-tale from the mists of Avalon

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  1. Lloyd Tosoff

    Seriously, you speak so highly of a man with no spiritual life, a man that cannot tell the truth, a man that pretends to be on the side of the people but is fact a feudal lord in populist’s clothing. I’m an author writing an ancient English tale and am reading your book as part of my research but I must say I am shocked at your view of a man who is anything but what you hold so highly in the interesting content of your book. This is my opening paragraph that will lead into a plot of the dark one against the archetype of the warrior mystic and Trump does not fit the latter category IMO.

    Secrets of the Moor

    Chapter 1

    There was a time in the distant past when those who lived on the fertile lands of ancient England were a simple and peace loving people. Men and women lived together in harmony respecting the property of others, engaging in battle only when foreign invaders sought to pillage their wealth in acts of violence driven by greed. There were no rulers possessing worldly riches lording over their kingdoms and filling their coffers by taxing peasants who eked out a living from the land. It was a time when the divine and the celestial had not yet been apprehended and perverted into religions by those seeking power. Dogma had not yet emerged in feeble attempts to give meaning to what could never be understood. It was a time of true sovereignty where all men and women were created equally and possessed an undisputed claim to power over the destiny of their lives.

    BTW, I’m enjoying your book, Reclaiming Sovereignty.


  2. caigwyn

    Lets see how we get on importing GM foodstuffs from the US in our ‘new deal’ to replace the stuff we used to get from the EU, when abortion is banned, and there’s a crowd of right wing reactionaries running the supreme court.

    Ah, it’s just like the olden days

    we might have to colour the red bit of the USSR a bit more blue…


    • Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

      Colin, you really should stop reading that globalists’ rag, The Economist. They are just trying to frighten you, just like the Remainers tried to scare the populace during the EU referendum by lying. The truth is that we would definitely had to have GM foods in the UK if we’d stayed in the EU because of TTIP. What’s TTIP you say? See, you’d never know what was in that now thankfully defunct trade deal from reading the Economist!


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