What were the augurs for the Trump inauguration? Numbers never lie.

The word “inauguration” is derived from Latin and it means to be installed or consecrated into power under good omens. So what are the augurs and omens for the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J Trump?  What do they predict? Well, let’s look at the numbers at play.

I explain in this video or you’re welcome to read the article below:

On the day of Trump’s inauguration, January 20th 2017, it will be seven months and seven days since his 70th birthday. For those who understand the symbolism of numbers, like the ancient Pythagoreans, the synchronicity of these aligned sevens augurs extremely well for such an inauguration.

The ancient Pythagoreans were those who followed the teachings of Pythagoras, an Ionian natural philosopher of sixth century BCE. Natural philosophers in those days were usually alchemists, and alchemists based their understanding of the universe through the multi-dimensional study of nature and natural processes.  This was at a time when man didn’t see himself as separate from nature and the cosmos and so he could learn all about himself by observing natural phenomena – as above, so below.

Hence Pythagorus’s number symbolism was designed to show how natural processes work when they are in a healthy state and thriving. For instance, there are seven colours in the rainbow spectrum, seven notes in a musical scale and seven major starry bodies in the solar system.

The system was transmitted in allegory through myths, and many such myths got turned into scriptures and literalised, and thus were much misunderstood.

The number seven occurs more than 700 times throughout the Bible and more than 50 times in the Book Of Revelations, which is rich in seven symbology with its seven churches, seven angels, seven seals, seven trumpets and seven stars.

And so what does the inauguration of Trump augur, from all those magnificent sevens?  It tells us that we are about to enter a period of great change in the world because whatever America does, the rest of the West usually ends up following.

Mathematically, seven is the most prime number: it alone within the decad – the numbers 1-10 – cannot be divided or multiplied.  It is thus the prime of the prime, the first among equals. It cannot be changed or corrupted from its course. No wonder they call the Trump of the Seven Trumpets ‘the God Emperor’.


The number seven was named the heptad by Pythagoras, who deemed it ‘worthy of veneration’. The keywords associated with the heptad were fortune, custody, control, the law, government, judgement, dreams and visions – and also sound and frequency.

Seven is the number of the law. The Elohim angels were seven in number – also known as the Spirits of the Dawn – and they are described as the controllers of the seven major starry bodies: the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn.

Anyone who has listened to Donald Trump’s speeches – as opposed to just believing blindly what the media tells them to think about him –  knows that his presidency will usher in a period of a return to law-and-order that is necessary to underpin his aims to Make America Great Again. No country can become great or even function adequately under a criminal regime – hence the current mess.

The outgoing president, Barack Obama, has already chosen his role in this bright new Trumpian world. He has released hundreds of convicted criminals from prison to help him form his new network of subversives with the intention of disrupting Trump’s aims for the country. It could be argued that this is not actually a change of role by Obama, the Manchurian candidate, and that he was the black ops subversive in the White House all along who tried to destroy America. I’m sure that this will be the story that unfolds in the next few years and it will be the one eventually taught to students of political history, if goodness prevails.

Of course, a real return to law-and-order will have to see justice being done over what has been described by Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel as the “largest unprosecuted criminal global charity fraud and conspiracy ever” – the Clinton Foundation.


Tomasz Setowski’s painting Niezwyciężony (Invincible)

This is partly why the existing status quo has been doing everything in its power to stop this highly auspicious inauguration. The other reason is that the Son of the Seven Seals poses an existential threat to the size and rogue activities of the military industrial complex.

But looking at the number seven more holistically, we find that it represents  the mystic nature of man because it is the sum of the threefold spiritual body and fourfold material form. In Pythagorean number symbolism, the number three equals the spirit, mind and body which all descend into number four, the world.


There are seven deadly sins and alongside those, seven heavenly virtues.

Seven also represents completion or perfection, as is found in the story of the creation by God in Genesis: “and on the seventh day, He rested.”

All of this augurs very well for the winds of change that will sweep in like a hurricane following Trump’s inauguration. I don’t expect the new president to hang around or spend much time on the golf course. He knows that he only has four – or, hopefully, eight – years to drain the swamp of the filth and detritus of more than four decades of bipartisan treason, corruption and criminality.

A bill has already passed Congress which will allow him to tear up, and render null-and-void, all the undemocratic edicts imposed by Obama since last May (2016). There is already another bill being prepared to repeal and replace Obamacare, and I have no doubt that the Generals Flynn and Mattis will soon be bringing home those troops from the Neo-Cons’ attempted phony war on the Russian borders.


And last but not least, us Brits will also probably find that Brexit happens much more quickly and smoothly that we had otherwise expected.

So that’s a good start. It won’t of course be plain sailing. Nothing in life is. But Donald Trump has enormous reserves of strength and endurance, and with all those sevens vibrating like a heavenly frequency from the rainbow Celtic harp of his destiny in his DNA, he will have the ancestors cheering him on too!

The Bright World of the Gods

By Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

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