Is this the beginning of the end of the Labour Party?

Is this the beginning of the end of the Labour Party?

Labour are worried, apparently, by the election of Paul Nuttall to UKIP’s leadership. Frank Field, one of the old Labour grandees, tweeted out a Times article yesterday which was headlined: “Labour has no idea how to stop the UKIP juggernaut.”

Of course it doesn’t. I tweeted back that it shouldn’t come as any surprise since Labour has not only abandoned its traditional voter base, but is currently pissing in its electors’ faces.

But what we have here, I think, is another Trump vs. Soros battle. That’s why Labour has been so ready to throw away all credibility lately. I’d always suspected that their stance was just a ruse, to get ‘the poor’ to vote for them – which is the same ruse used by the Democrats in the States. They never actually do anything much for ‘the poor’ (or the blacks, or the Hispanics) because improving their lot would mean losing their voter base. 

(I’ve written several articles on this, including Why Does the Left Hate the Poor?)

So it wasn’t much of a surprise to discover that they all had their price. Mr Soros’s Judas shilling was just too irresistible for them to turn away, and so all their ‘principles’ were instantly jettisoned out of the window of the gravy train. After all, why did they need voters to get them into power in what was going to be a post-democratic, corporate world?

The same conclusion must have been reached by the Lib Dems. Every time Tim Nice But Dhimmi Farron opens his mouth to whine about a second referendum, that’s another few hundred thousand pounds in his bank account. Kerching! Before the EU referendum, Paddy Ashdown was absolutely firm that the Brexit vote should be honoured, which ever way it went. Now he’s calling for a second referendum too.

And they all assumed that Hillary would get in, in the States, and so it was going to be snouts-in-the-trough heaven forevermore.

But no. Enter the Trump – who is very supportive of UKIP and of the UK leaving the EU. Not long after winning the Presidency, Donald Trump met with Nigel Farage and some of the leadership of UKIP at Trump Tower at a time when he wasn’t seeing anyone else much. He put UKIP at the head of the queue, in other words.


Paul Nuttall, new UKIP leader

So the party’s over for Alas Corbyn, Smith and Jones. They are buggered now. This will be the end of the Labour Party, and probably the Lib Dems too.

Good riddance to the lot of them, I say.

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