George Soros, the Alt Right and the march of the nasty killer Nazi zombies

Much as I find it amusing to be called a Nazi, or far right, or a white supremacist, or a racist, or a xenophobe, or a homophobe, or an Islamophobe, or anti-semitic – as it is so far from the truth – I don’t find it so amusing when the press tries to smear Donald Trump with the same pig manure, as they are currently with Nazi-Gate and the Alt-Right.

It’s ironic, because the only person with any history of collaboration with the Nazis is George Soros, who is leading the smear campaign, and he describes those days as “the happiest in my life”.

The trouble is, we’re still so traumatised from World War 2 that the same mind programming psy-ops can still work on us today, even though, just as with the latest hoo-hah, there is rarely any substance to it and it’s usually just another version of Hollywood’s Nazi Zombies from Call of Duty.


However, the mainstream media can still keep irritating this psycho-sore, so long as we keep falling for it – as they did in the Ukraine in 2014.

This is an extract from one of George Soros’s briefings to his propagandists when he invaded the Ukraine and overturned a democratically-elected government there. It reveals how the press was manipulated in his so-called Colour Revolution to such an extent that to this day, people believe that it was Putin’s aggression that caused Soros’s invasion, under the cover of the EU. Now he’s trying his one-size-fits-all tactics with his “Purple Revolution” in America.


It always amazes me how effective this kind of mind programming is – especially when it’s taken up by people who pretend to be such deep and independent thinkers, when really they are just parroting the establishment-globalist-Soros’s memes.

These people are so brainwashed, they are calling the Alt-Right “evil Nazis” because the bought-and-paid-for fake news outlets (aka, the mainstream media) are not reporting that it is the raging zombie hordes of the Left, the Democrats and Black Lives Matter that are creating mayhem in the streets of America – beating up innocent people, looting stores and shooting policemen – and that they are being paid to do so by former Nazi-stooge George Soros’s Move Org and Open Societies Foundation.

The Alt-Right

The Alt-Right are not about Nazi-ism, and neither are they about racism or white supremacy. A Nazi, racist or white supremacist thinks his race is superior to other races. The Alt-Right just wants to preserve the European race and heritage from being wiped out, and thinks other races should do the same. It’s not a big deal. They believe that race is essential for identity, and that a strong identity is the basis of a well-ordered and productive society. I happen to agree – but if you disagree, don’t call me a Nazi or a white supremacist. Instead, let’s have a civilised discussion about it.

That said, I do think Richard Spencer, one of their leaders, is behaving like a fool.


Listening to him respond, on Red Ice Radio, to accusations of Nazi salutes – now turning out to be false – and crying “Hail Trump”,  it’s almost as if he believes that Trump’s victory is somehow his own and so because of that hubris, he could well have undermined it. What Spencer doesn’t understand, because he is being blinded by inexperience and ego, is that the press was only there, at his Alt Right conference, to find a stick to beat Trump with. The mainstream media was not there because the Alt Right has suddenly become a force to be reckoned with. I sense from what he says that Spencer doesn’t get that. He thought they were there to hear him.

Spencer claims that it was all just playful over-exuberance and “throwing it back in their faces” in an ironic way. But doing that in the face of the world’s press – you just know that they will misconstrue it, deliberately or not. They are a pretty humourless bunch and they don’t get irony.

We all need to become a bit more suss about the world’s press, knowing how they are being manipulated by the globalists and Soros.  Please, Alt Right, realise that if they attend your event, they are there to find you out in a “crime” and if they can’t find a crime, they will invent one. They are not going to open their minds to your ideas, no matter how good they are. They are working – they are there looking for Nazis, and the headline was probably already written by their editors before they left their newspaper offices. They just have to provide the story to match the headline.

Trump is in a vulnerable place right now and the globalists are looking for any excuse to rob him of the presidency, even to the point of causing a constitutional crisis. If the Alt-Right doesn’t wise up fast, it could just give it to them.

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One comment

  1. Skye Walker

    Another great article, I too was disappointed with Richard’s salute (although I knew it was tongue in cheek having listened to many of his wit-peppered presentations before), but I think it has done a lot of damage to the alt-right movement, unfortunately. Any connections to Nationalistic sentiment makes people very nervous after the incredible job Hollywood has done. The media will continue to be relentless in Trump bashing – let’s see if he can continue to out manoeuvre them, never a dull moment, that’s for sure.


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