A Tarot card reader’s response to The Economist’s new cover

This is the new cover of the Rothschilds’ house mag, The Economist, “predicting” world events in 2017 as a result of a Trump presidency. This globalist magazine often uses its cover to “predict” the events coming in the following 12 months.  However, It’s easy to “predict” world events when you are the one causing such events. You can only bring order out of chaos when you are the ones creating the chaos.

So many thanks to the New World Order for revealing to us your game plan. Now we’ll be better prepared. And your Magician card is interesting – I’m interpreting that as UN Agenda 2030. However, dear globalists, the more you reveal yourselves and your evil agenda for humanity, the more that the majority will realise that we were right about you all along, and will come in our direction.

The Magician is not blind – even though you have put him in virtual reality goggles. And I have to say, if you’re pinning all your hopes on the Star coming out of the Wheel of Fortune … well, good luck with that, and I have a bridge you may be interested in buying.

My Tarot spread for Planet Trump 2017

Anyway, I decided to inquire of the spirits, to produce a genuine, authentic Tarot prediction for Planet Trump in 2017 – as opposed to one just knocked up by a graphic designer with a brief from the globalists to produce a dystopian nightmare. Here are the cards they came up with and needless to say – it’s a much more positive outlook. There is no Death on a pale horse, no exploding Tower and no armies fighting one another. Quite the contrary:


The bottom line – which I interpret as the Foundation, is all about new growth and celebration of a successful alchemical wedding, full of joy and promise. The Ace of Cups (upsurging of love) and the Three of Cups (union of erstwhile opposing forces), the Ace of Wands (upsurging of creativity), and the Sun, which is probably the most auspicious card in the whole deck, augurs not only greater peace, happiness and good harvest, but also increased clarity, optimism and renewed trust.

This strong Foundation below is producing seeds which are flowering with new life into a top line that is all about good harvest and increased abundance.

I interpret the first card in the top line, the Six of Pentacles, to be about sharing more wealth with the poor. In this card, the wealth comes about through increased production. This I know is one of President Trump’s policies – and he is usually a man of his word. He also intends to tighten up on federal spending, and ‘drain the swamp’ of paid lobbyists and intelligence operatives, and that is how I interpret the Two of Pentacles – which is also the Change card, but change that is produced by those who know how to do deals and play with money.

The Nine of Pentacles is always a card that signals great abundance and has no negative connations – as you can see, everything in the garden is lovely. It’s also the card of the entrepreneur and self-sufficient artisan – as it indicates great satisfaction from creating your own self-empowered life and your own wealth, free from interference. But it’s not just about material wealth – this card also indicates a prosperity of spirit. It is about being mature, responsible and confident with your wealth – all qualities that we’ve already seen in President Trump.

And all this leads to the Star, Hope, which in this position and in this context – as opposed to where the Rothschilds have it – has a much stronger foundation to materialise.

I’m sure someone who is a greater expert in the Tarot than myself could find more to say about both spreads of cards – the Rothschilds’ and mine – and I welcome their comments below. But do bear in mind that mine was a genuine inquiry, which I believe gives it more weight. The Rothschilds don’t even know who inquire from and so theirs is pure Project Fear.

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