The great god Al-gorithm in the Cloud is causing the US riots

I wrote about this a good while ago, but think it may be worth revisiting seeing that the Great God Al-gorithm is now coming into his own with the mob rule we’ve seen since both Brexit and the US Presidential vote, which is threatening to overturn not only our democratic decisions but also the rule of law and our way of life.

We’ve always known that the Dead Eyes practice Divide and Rule in order to control us, and they’ve found this a successful MO for thousands of years.

The old school way was to divide us into different religions – but it is now the algorithmic organisation of content which is their weapon of choice, and it is that cyber sleight-of-hand, when it comes to the news, that is causing this seeming madness – where people previously friendly to one another suddenly start attacking each other as ‘racists’ or ‘white supremacists’.

We’re really being played here, folks, and it’s a clever psychological rrick. It’s called assymetric warfare. It works so well because we’ve only relatively recently come from a more unified collective consciousness – one that was organised geographically by one media outlet – either via the church over the past 1,500 years and then after that, by the mainstream media, most notably the BBC, here in the UK, which is still the channel of choice in the event of a big disaster.

This one-message-for-all mode of receiving information has taught us to think in absolutes, and so we haven’t yet evolved enough to correctly perceive and deal with news content which is organised according to our own preferences to present a non-holistic, subjective view.

For instance, Google has used such algorithmic methods pretty much from its inception, and this makes it very difficult for SEOs (people who specialise in search engine optimisation) to get websites on the first page of Google because the listings we see when we search on Google are entirely organised by our previously determined preferences, and other personal details such as our location and age, and determined – nay, ordained! – by the great god Allah-gorithm in the Cloud.

Once we’re in a situation where we only read stuff that fits into our pre-determined preferences, we’re more easily suggestible to confirmation bias, especially as the flicker rates on the computer screens render us into a more hypnotic state.

Facebook and Twitter are now going the same way. There was a great row on Twitter when it switched to algorithmically organised timelines, instead of letting the tweets remain in chronological order. Facebook has also been organising what we see for some time in the same way.

Anyway, my point is that many people are not sophisticated enough in their thinking to understand that they are only receiving a selection of information that ties in with and reinforces their own view. So they get self-righteously incensed when someone comes along with a different view, which was arrived at in a different way.

In the recent US presidential election campaign – and even more in its aftermath – algorithmic organisation of news has come into its own with people who don’t have the time or the intellectual capacity to listen carefully to what each candidate is offering – but prefer to be told by Al what to think about each one.

People wondered why Donald Trump got such huge rallies, when Hillary Clinton could barely fill a town hall. It wasn’t just that his message resonated with more people – it was also partly because going to hear him speak was the only way they could get to hear what he was actually saying, rather than what the Great God Al was telling them he was saying.

Weaponised self-righteousness: I can’t think of a better stealth weapon to put us all against one another – it’s the Tower of Babel on steroids. Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to it except we will all have to practice greater tolerance and patience as we go on.