The Bonfire of the Vanities of the American Election

Of course, it doesn’t matter which one you vote for because they’re both exactly the same – the same puppets of the same globalists, who just want you to believe that you’re being given a choice.

So I suppose the fact that the Hillary camp is spending an eye-watering amount of dollars on rigging the polls, rigging the mainstream media and now as we hear, rigging the voting machines, is just a fiendishly clever part of that deception? I expect they just want to make the psy-ops really realistic. Right?

That’s right. Because which ever candidate gets into the White House will lead to exactly the same outcome. I mean, with one, you surrender your country and your way of life to open borders and the uncontrolled immigration of a rival civilisation that insists its laws are superior to yours and wants to establish a worldwide caliphate. With the other, you get your country back.

And after all, there is no difference in their characters. One candidate has used her position in government to destroy entire nations in order to enrich herself personally and is responsible for the wholesale slaughter of millions. The other candidate uses legal tax avoidance measures, has been a bit of womaniser in the past and says ‘pussy’ in private conversations with men.

One candidate uses carefully crafted language which has been finely parsed through the sieve of political correctness while admitting that she says one thing in public, and another in private. The other candidate says exactly what he thinks.

One rarely engages in public appearances and, when she does, it’s carefully stage-managed in a half-full town hall of mainly actors. The other is packing out stadiums every day, up and down the country,  with tens of millions of regular folks.

No difference at all, you see.

Seriously, though, I really do have to take off my hat to whoever is running the Democratic campaign. They are to be applauded for their utter brilliance. They could get a one-legged rabid dog into the White House – and I think that’s maybe what they’re setting out to prove. This genius operator of the black arts know every single weakness of the American character, and is playing the public like a fish. Unfortunately, though, many of them are all over my Facebook and Twitter stream, so I feel compelled to say something if only out of compassion for those poor deluded souls.

I think the most deluded are those who are not voting at all in what will turn out to be the the most important election of their lives – the one that will set the course of not just America’s future, but the destiny of the whole world for the next 50 to 100 years.

They’re holding their noses over both candidates, because they consider themselves intellectually above the fray and, in any case, “what difference does it make?”.  This makes them feel good about themselves over doing “the right thing” when they look in the mirror of their psyche, and that’s important, because everything is all about how they feel. Nothing else matters to this kind of vanity – not even what sort of country their children will inherit – and it’s this kind of vanity that Hillary’s campaign plays into so well.

Another vanity that crops up in my timeline is that it’s all just a game, and only the spiritually superior, who have thrown away such childish toys, are wise enough to step back and just observe from their passive cross-legged samadhi. This is the more “spiritual approach” – the one they believe is guaranteed to get them a place at Buddha’s right hand in Nirvana, despite never having encountered a real spirit in their whole lives.  They don’t realise that while they’re right, that life is a game, it’s a game that you’re meant to play, and play to win.

As the Indian spiritual teacher Sathya Sai Baba used to say: “Life is game. Play it!”

Disney Parks Unveils New Disney Dream Portraits by Annie Leibovitz

 Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most cucked of them all?

Well, it might be those who are voting Green or Libertarian. This is tantamount to just throwing away your vote, but doing it in a way where you can gaze into the mirror of your psyche and not see a totally cucked, cop-out of a human being looking back at you, while your country is being torn down and asset stripped all around you.

You’re so vain, I bet you think this song is about you. Well, if this is you … then it is.

Then there’s this vanity, on the cover of Vogue, a glossy magazine which is a master in the dark arts of ensnaring those narcissists who love to gaze into a looking glass that mirrors back a richer, slimmer, taller and younger selfie of who they really are.


This is also for the Elen DeGeneres school of black polar-necked lesbians who want to rule the world, despite being a considerably small minority of the population. But I guess posing Hillary lying flat on the floor is at least a stab at realism …

There’s also another “think piece” knocking around – which I won’t insult your intelligence with – comparing Hillary’s path to power to the rise of the Divine Feminine! This is an appeal to the more fluffy New Age side of the wimmin’s movement, but it’s all just vanity, vanity, vanity.

I think we should have a bonfire of the vanities at this burning time of Samhain – if only because this presidential election is playing out just like a Tom Wolfe novel which I’ve already read, and we need a new story.  Donald Trump is offering a new story – and after 40 years of bipartisan treason in which both parties really were the same government, I think it’s time.

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